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Finland has many quality metal and rock bands and events for said music, both bigger and more mainstream or smaller and underground. As good as every single event we’ve attended breathes an atmosphere of family (even when kids are not welcome) and professionalism. One of those smaller underground festivals that caught our attention already last year, is Blowup. Organized by the Finnish independent promotor Blow Up That Gramophone, it brings the best there is in the dark world of doom, sludge and stoner. Sadly, last year we couldn’t attend, but this time we’re there for Blowup vol. 4!

Where to go?

Blowup takes place from October 12th – 14th at cultural and arts center Korjaamo in Helsinki, about a half an hour walk from the railway station or a mere 10 minutes by public transport. The center is located in an old tram hall which most definitely prove to be the perfect setting for several evenings of darkness.

What to expect?

As we indicated earlier on already, you get some of the best artists and bands from the doom, sludge and stoner music scene. And this year’s edition isn’t much different:

It seems like this year they had some kind of good deal with the US, because half of the bands are actually coming from there. With on the Friday sludge metal pioneers Crowbar, doom-stricken stoners BONGRIPPER, stoner metallers Acid King and the one artist that really sticks out on Friday, dark folk artist King Dude. On that same day these Americans are accompanied by the Finnish psychedelic drone/sludge/doom metal outfit Dark Buddha Rising, Russian atmospheric doom metal/post-rock band KAUAN and Norwegian eclectic black sludge/hardcore punkers OKKULTOKRATI.

The Saturday seems even more interesting: from the US we get to see the noise rockers of Whores., the one-woman project Lingua Ignota and one-man industrial doom/drone metal outfit Author & Punisher, all adding their authentic touch to the night. On top of that we can welcome the UK industrial metal pioneers of Godflesh and smashing doomers of Conan, the immensely popular Belgian Amenra and Swedish rockers Hällas!

On top of that, much like the very similar but much bigger Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands, Blowup also pays a lot of attention to the visual aspect of the event. Trying to support local young artists, this year 3 Finnish artists will represent the bands visually throughout the festival days. Tekla VályJuha Arvid Helminen and Aki Pitkänen (Narikka Photography) will bring out their own views of the artists.


And if you simply don’t have enough after those 2 days of being smacked in the face with doom, drone, sludge, stoner, industrial,… They offer you an afterclub gig with 2 more shows from the Canadian doom/sludge/stoner metal outfit Dopethrone and the Finnish stoner/sludge band Demonic Death Judge!


In the mean time tickets are completely sold out, but if you still want to experience a bit of what Blowup has to offer (or just can’t wait ’till the event actually starts), there’s a pre festival club show on August 30th! With the Polish stoner/doom outfit Dopelord you’ll get a taste of music heavily inspired by the 70’s psychedelic scene and Finnish Tombstoned goes much the same way with loads of fuzz! The show takes place at Kuudes Linja in Helsinki and there are still tickets available, so be quick about it!

Tickets: Dopelord – Tombstoned Tiketti