News Posts

Swedish masters of the occult Ghost release another song in anticipation of the release of their new album ‘Impera’ in a couple of weeks!

Viking heavy metal overlords of Amon Amarth released the new single and video “Put Your Back Into The Oar”!

Heavy psych rockers Spiral Skies release the bewitching new track and video ‘Somewhere in the Dark’ from their upcoming album ‘Death Is But A Door’!

Celtic folk punk outfit Sir Reg releases the second single/video and title track ‘The Kings Of Sweet Feck All’!

Swedish groove/thrash outfit The Defaced unleash the single/video ‘Bleeding Ore’ from their upcoming album ‘Charlatans’!

Swedish black metal legends Dark Funeral released with ‘Nightfall’ another single and video of their upcoming album ‘We Are The Apocalypse’!

Swedish folk/viking metal outfit Månegarm released the first single and video ‘Ulvhjärtat’ from the upcoming album ‘Ynglingaättens Öde’

Swedish adventure rockers Hällas announce their upcoming new album ‘Isle Of Wisdom’ and share a first track with ‘Earl’s Theme’!

The Swedish heavy metal masters of Wolf are back with a new album ‘Shadowland’ and unveiled the 1st single and video ‘Dust’!

Swedish extreme tech-metal pioneers Meshuggah unleash a first track of their upcoming album ‘Immutable’ and start presales!