Swedish melodic death metal band Sailor Hunter set to release new EP and share first single and video ‘Ashes’

Swedish melodic death metal band Sailor Hunter is set to release a new EP ‘Evolution’ on May 24th 2024 via Finnish Inverse Records. The first official single ‘Ashes‘ is released today and music video can be seen here:

Sebastian Fingal comments:

“The song is about the triumph over adversity and the ability to rebuild after destruction and hardship. It was the first song that we did together with me as a new singer. The song has a lot of energy and I felt that the lyrics needed to be epic and empowering.”

LISTEN to Ashes on streaming services: https://push.fm/fl/shr-ashes 

Sailor Hunter – Evolution (EP 2024)
Track list: 
01. Ashes
02. Condemned by Creation
03. Against All Strife
04. Evolution

EP cover by Al Rinald

Kutte Gashi – Drums
Al Rinald – Guitars / Orchestral Arrangements
Sebastian Fingal – Vocals
Filip Jovanov – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

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