GYZE from Japan strike back with a new single & video: “Samurai Metal”

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GYZE have earned their cult status through festival appearances, the joint tour with BATTLE BEAST as well as through three previously released albums and various EPs and singles in addition to a title story in BURRN! Magazine (Japan). And GYZE present on their new single “Samurai Metal” real Japanese Folk Metal and use again traditional Japanese instruments. The new song was written on a Shamisen (Japanese traditional string instrument) and English lyrics encounter straightforward Japanese lyrics like “Konnichiwa” “Sayonara” “Itadakimasu” on “Samurai Metal” – featuring Aruta, the bass player of Gyze, as the frontman for the initial single “Samurai Metal”. Stream GYZE‘s “Samurai Metal” – Real Japanese Folk Metal – here:

The music video is performed by GYZE in traditional Japanese robes and features prominent guests including Marc J Hudson from DRAGONFORCE, Juuso / Joona / Eero from BATTLE BEAST, Nils Courbaron from SIRENIA, Felipe Munoz from FROSTTIDE, Mika Lammassaari from MORS SUBITA as well as Pedro Almeida of A&P REACTS.

GYZE integrates traditional music into a massive, very own metal sound with neck-breaking high-speed riffs and modern, melodic guitar riffs along with heavy driven solo parts. Sometimes epic, orchestral with strings, sometimes with Japanese instruments and a traditional folkloric style. Yet with a lot of speed, growls, and technically skilled guitar playing, GYZE manages to build up a great vibe.  The power/speed metal portion is further increased in 2021 and the exotic profile is sharpened, which brings freshness and diversity into the genre with a high level of recognition.

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