Omnium Gatherum’s ‘Reckoning IPA’ launching tomorrow!

Espoo, Finland based micro brewery Masis Brewery and Omnium Gatherum have collaborated to make the IPA beer called ‘Reckoning‘, which will go on sale this week. This will celebrated tomorrow Tuesday August 9 at Roudaribaari IHME restaurant in Helsinki starting at 6 PM, so if you’re in the neighborhood, that’s the place to be!

The carefully selected IPA can already be found this week in several rock oriented establishments like Kotka’s Sam’s Pub and Helinki’s The Riff, and festival goers can find the beer at Dark River Festival, where Omnium Gatherum is the headliner of Thursday evening.

In the spring of 2022, Masis Brewery‘s Väiski Syväoja and Omnium Gatherum‘s Jukka Peltonen ended up discussing beer, and based on that conversation, the idea for the band’s own beer was born. The beer was developed in full cooperation between brewery and band, and a West Coast style IPA was quickly decided on as the style.

Jamme Palo, main owner of Masis Brewery and beer production responsible about the collab:

Metal music is close to my heart, and that’s why it was great to be able to develop a beer with Omnium Gatherum. The beer was made using American hops, which gave the IPA a pleasantly fruity and bitter taste.

Omnium Gatherum‘s vocalist Jukka Pelkonen was actively involved in the beer creation process:

What would be more awesome than opening your own band’s beer after a gig? The name of the beer was chosen from our song ‘Reckoning’, from our latest album ‘Origin’.

After Dark River Festival, Omnium Gatherum will be seen next at the 25th anniversary of the legendary Summer Breeze festival in Germany, on August 18.

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