For I Am King released new single & video ‘Trojans’

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In about 2 weeks, on Thursday January 19, the Dutch metal band For I Am King (FIAK) is unleashing its new and third studio album ‘Crown’. It’s the highly anticipated follow-up to ‘I’ that received international high praise by fans and critics back in 2018. Now the monumental new and 3rd single ‘Trojans’ and its video is out for your enjoyment:

Front woman Alma Alizadeh:

“With ‘Trojans’ we’re warning for a too dominant influence of technology. It’s a classic theme in a lot of (sci fi) literature and movies, that pinpoint where a continuously expanding technology can lead to if we don’t rein it in as humanity. As long as the technology evolution is dedicated only to the human progress, there is nothing wrong. In a wider context we could also project that carefulness onto for instance all the misery that media is serving us on a daily basis to get our attention – pure manipulation by a consciously colored world image. But also for what we’re all seeing on social media; that is an illusory reflection of the reality. A line from ‘Trojans’ goes: “That is what you told us and led us to believe, now this is not how you are perceived. We see that what you promised us was false, you are not the one to follow.“”

Gitarist Koen Scheepens:

“‘Trojans’ is inspired by how we as society are getting captured by technology and social media. It’s about people that welcome new technology and ways to communicate, but slowly discovers that it’s taking its freedom, liberties and joy away bit by bit. Until the people finally realize what is happening and rise up to free themselves from that manipulation through technology and interference with its thoughts.”

Alma Alizadeh – vocals
Wouter Cammelbeeck – guitar
Koen Scheepens – guitar
Jurgen van Straaten – bass
Ivo Maarhuis – drums

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