News Posts

Russian electronic metal duo IC3PEAK released a brand now song and video with ‘Dead But Pretty’ before they embark on their European tour!

Russian metal band Dark Princess is back with a brand new track and video “Falling To Fly”, out via Out of Line Music!

The Russian prog rockers of Velcrocranes signed to InsideOutMusic for the release of their debut album ‘What If I Die’!

Musicians from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine united, giving birth to modern metal outfit Feelament, to fight intolerance and segregation!

The Siberian shamans of Nytt Land unleash another mesmerizing track and video with ‘U-Gra’, from the upcoming Napalm Records album ‘Ritual’!

Russian blackgaze outfit TRNA release the epic 13 minute track ‘Shining’, featuring the up-and-coming black metal masters Gaerea, from their upcoming album ‘Istok’!

Russian symphonic metal outfit Shiningstar released a live rendition of one of their songs to celebrate signing to Time To Kill Records!

The unique Siberian outfit Kiberspassk released yet another intriguing industrial track with ‘Kikimora’!

Siberian Kiberspassk brings a new wind in the alternative music scene with their mix of industrial and Russian folklore tunes!

Belgian/Russian outfit Cross Bringer unleashed a second music video for the new track “The Battle Of The Weak”!

Album Reviews

Defying the very notion of what music can be, ‘Ash’, a collaboration of the Russian ambient acts Goatpsalm and Horthodox is a deeply unsettling experience of ambient horror, inspired by the religious history of their native lands.

After more than a decade the evil raiders of Blacksword have set sail again on their aptly titled sophomore ‘Alive Again’. Out on No Remorse Records.

Theodor Bastard is a gem from Russia that you simply need to check out if you’re into traditional sounds mixed with modern touches.

Have you already heard of the Russian symphonic metal band Imperial Age? Read the review on their album ‘The Legacy Of Atlantis’ here.

Arkona released Khram in January, check out our opinion here!

Russia’s finest folk metal revives its debut album with a re-recording!