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Russia’s DUNWICH set release date for CALIGARI debut and reveal first video

Caligari Records is proud to announce the debut album of Russia's Dunwich, promising a mesmerizing piece of music...

Legendary gothic/doom metal band Inner Missing finally released their discography officially via streaming platforms!

In this time of crisis, the full collection of releases by Inner Missing could be the perfect soundtrack to your personal doom & gloom!

Imperial Age – The Legacy Of Atlantis

Have you already heard of the Russian symphonic metal band Imperial Age? Read the review on their album 'The Legacy Of Atlantis' here.

Preview Blowup vol. 4

An underground festival filled with doom, sludge, stoner and the likes in a musically hazy and dark weekend...

Welicoruss and FleXanT live at Asgaard

Welicoruss + FleXanT at Asgaard

Welicoruss and FleXanT live at Asgaard: a night filled with Melodic Death Metal and Symphonic Black Metal!

Arkona – Khram

Arkona released Khram in January, check out our opinion here!


Welicoruss at Asgaard

►► BAND INFO WELICORUSS /symphonic black metal – Russia/siberia/ Founded in 2005 by Alexey Boganov, the band WELICORUSS...

Arkona – Vozrozhdenie (re-recording)

Russia's finest folk metal revives its debut album with a re-recording!