Nightwish (Nokia Arena, Tampere) – 22/04/2022

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I haven’t been at a concert this big in years, just too bad the crowd seemed to have forgotten how to concert. Even though there were over 11.000 thousand people there was seemingly almost nothing to indicate they were there. I even took my ear plugs out a few times to check if I could hear someone sing along or just scream for the band. In the front there were at least some excited fans but when I went to the back, the only thing I could hear from the fans was some talking and clapping between songs. Which seemed like a pity to me as the band themselves seemed so excited to be back on stage. At least towards the end of the show the fans woke up a little.  

For me this was my first time of seeing Nightwish. The mixture between super emotional songs like ‘How’s the Heart’ and those songs packed with so much power that you feel like you’re part of the song is even more amazing live. Despite Floor having the flu, she was still pretty impressive, motoring through the show like nothing was going on. Very sympathetic was also that they congratulated their long-time sound technician for his 60th birthday with a song he ‘certainly’ never heard before, ‘Nemo’. Happy birthday from us as well.  

If you have a chance to see them live yourself, I would definitely recommend to do so. The magic of today’s show lasted almost two full hours. 

As support there was Lähiöbotox. Which was less enchanting, but at least brimming with of energy. 

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