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Tuska completed their 2024 line-up with the addition of Kerry King and 6 domestic acts with Kaunis Kuolematon, The Abbey, NightStop, Suotana, Malformed and Shereign. The Tuska KVLT bands still need to be announced, though! Get your tickets now!

Slasherwave outfit Gost unveils ‘Widow Song’, the latest single from their impending new full-length ‘Prophecy’, set for release in March via Metal Blade Records!

Synthwave pioneers Gunship shared the new single ‘DooM Dance’, featuring Gavin Rossdale (of Bush) and Carpenter Brut! Another track from their upcoming album ‘UNICORN’, out this September 29!

Synthwave favorites Gunship announced their upcoming new album ‘Unicorn’ to be released in September and unleashed a first single with ‘Monster In Paradise’, featuring saxman Tim Cappello, Wargasm’s Milkie Way, Tyler Bates and Dave Lombardo!

Kat Von D announced her European tour in 2022, following a slab of dates in North America earlier!

GOST releases yet another track with ‘Bound By The Horror’, from the upcoming post-synthwave album ‘Rites of Love and Reverence’, out in August via Century Media Records!

After earlier sharing a lyric video for ‘I Am Nothing’, now Kat Von D released the official video for the track right now!

Kat Von D shares another track from her upcoming album ‘Love Made Me Do It’ with the synthwave slow burner ‘I Am Nothing’!

Los Angeles synth squad Glaare released the first new single ‘Young Hell’ of their upcoming album ‘Your Hellbound Heart’!

Tuska unleashed a bunch of names for 2020!

Festival Reports

Report of the first day of the comeback of Tuska, the place to be at the beginning of July in Helsinki!

Another banging day of Hellsinki Industrial Festival with the first ever performance of Blutengel on Finnish grounds!

Photo Reports

Pictures of the first day of Tuska 2023 with Eluveitie, Northern Kings, Lost Society, Perturbator, Beast In Black, Red Fang, Carcass and Heilung

The pictures of the second day of Hellsinki Industrial Festival with the first ever performance of Blutengel on Finnish grounds!


First month of 2022 and there are already a bunch of really cool releases coming! Check out our 13 most anticipated releases of the month!

Album Reviews

With their fifth album Reckless Love take their fans on a short trip back to a time that seems much brighter and happier then today, the 80 and with this they give us what probably many of us could use right now, a break from the grim reality. Read the full review on our page.

Strap yourself in to a Delorian, switch on the flux capacitor and let yourself be transported back to the eighties. Stripped of all former metal boundaries, Greek avantgardists Hail Spirit Noir have penned a sublime synthwave soundtrack to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

Perturbator served up another collection of his signature synthwave with ‘Lustful Sacraments’, albeit more on the gloomy and nihilistic side of things.

Retro electronics and modern heaviness are Master Boot Record’s strong suit. His latest release is none the lesser for it. Here is ‘Floppy Disk Overdrive’.

Black no 1. True Norwegian Black? No, the only real black is Pinkish Black. With no more than a stack of synths and a drum set this dynamic duo pull of an incredible mélange of synthwave , doom and ambient.

Synths, pop, geeking out, sci-fi and a punky “we don’t care what you think” attitude… enter Hatchling! Everything must be destroyed!