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After several years of silence, the Finnish sleaze rockers Reckless Love are about to release their new fifth studio album ‘Turborider‘. After we already enjoyed the three singles ‘Outrun‘, ‘Eyes Of A Maniac‘ and ‘Turborider‘, the expectations are high. Unfortunately the release of the album had to be postponed by a month due to difficulties with world wide shipping by the distributors. But to shorten the wait the band released their cover of Ozzy Osbournes song ‘Bark at the Moon‘ as a fourth single.

“We had a long break from recording and as the break got longer, the higher the threshold became to start working on new music, let alone publish it. Although it was clear that we always had the desire to continue our career, it felt like we needed to find a new perspective for our creative expression. We had to write “Outrun” to be reborn – and we did. This song showed us the way how to write the new album. “Outrun” is a beacon on our way to reincarnation”

says Olli Herman

In my opinion this “comeback” is a great success. As usual for this band this album is filled with ridiculous amounts of happiness and good vibes. I don’t think it’s possible to listen to this record and stay in a bad mood. This 80’s style rock album with a distinct stronger infusion of synthwave around the topic of the game world and movies is an energetic and well produced piece of glam rock. The combination of high quality music and very catchy lyrics makes for a really great listening experience. It’s just too bad that the runtime of the record is annoyingly short with its only 35 minutes, but that seems to be a usual problem with Reckless Love. With their lyrics often being what I would describe as “so bad it’s good”, I just can’t listen to it to many times in a row before growing somewhat tired of it.

But all small critiques aside, for me this album full of kitsch is exactly what I needed to get through these weird times without concerts or other social gatherings. Reckless Love is kind of a guilty pleasure for me, always a lot more glam, kitsch and sparkle than I would say I usually like and yet, I can’t stay away. If you’re still not convinced, let me just mention that, even though I already got this album as a download to write this review, I still found it worth to spend my money to also buy the record. A perfect little gem if you’re in the mood for a bit of a party or simply uplifting music that is easy to listen to!

Release date: March 25, 2022
Label: AFM Records

  1. Turborider
  2. Eyes Of A Maniac
  3. Outrun
  4. Kids Of The Arcade
  5. Bark At The Moon
  6. Prelude (Flight Of The Cobra)
  7. Like A Cobra
  8. For The Love Of Good Times
  9. ’89 Sparkle
  10. Future Lover Boy
  11. Prodigal Sons

Olli Herman – Vocals  
Pepe – Guitar  
Jalle Verne – Bass
Hessu Max – Drums

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  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals:7/10
  • Production/Mix:9/10
  • Artwork/Packaging:8/10
  • Originality:6/10
7.8With their new release Reckless Love dropped a high quality 80’s style rock album infused with high amounts of synthwave and full of energy, ridicules amounts of happiness and kitschy lyrics at us. This album is definitely what you would expect from Reckless Love, my only real complain is the very short run time of only 35 minutes.
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