15 of our most anticipated releases of April 2022

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Despite all the crap the music industry’s had to endure, and will probably have to suffer through for a while longer, we were still blessed with an incredible flow of quality releases. Especially 2021 was crammed full with killer albums from start to finish. Just look at our reviews, editor’s top lists, and GRIMM’s top albums of 2021, which are all chock-full of amazing music. We therefor see no reason why 2022 shouldn’t enjoy the same blessing. One need only look at the records that have been announced and rumored so far and you know it’ll be a good year for music again even if live shows and tours aren’t properly happening yet. Here are some of our editorial team’s picks of the most anticipated releases of this month:

Evil Invaders – Shattering Reflection

(01/04 - Napalm Records)

It’s been almost five years since Evil Invaders released ‘Feed Me Violence’. The Belgian thrash/speed metal revivalists finally return with their third full-length album. While the single ‘Sledgehammer Justice’ delivers Evil Invaders’ familiar brand of high-octane adrenaline rush in all its blistering glory, the impressively different ‘In Deepest Black’ and rather more traditional heavy metal oriented recent single ‘Die For Me’ showcases a band that isn’t afraid to evolve and try out new things!

Carpenter Brut - Leather Terror

(01/04 - No Quarter Prod)

The French synthwave project Carpenter Brut is probably one of the most popular ones among metalheads, appealing to many with their dark tunes and themes heavily leaning on 80’s horror movie aesthetics. ‘Leather Terror’ is the 2nd entry in the ‘Leather Teeth’ trilogy coming in about 4 years after the ‘Leather Teeth’ album. From what has been unveiled already about the release, it’ll involve the kind of classic serial killer/slasher story where the main character of the album is taking revenge by going on a rampage. And if the highly enticing backstory and the promise of dark electronic music isn’t enough, there is a plethora of interesting guest collaborations going from Gunship to Ulver, The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s Greg Puciato to Tribulation‘s Johannes “Jonka” Andersson, French pop singer Persha to Norwegian post-metal muse Sylvaine… What a party is that going to be!

Meshuggah - Immutable

(01/04 - Atomic Fire Records)

Mavericks. Pioneers. Unique. Immutable.

There simply is no other band like Meshuggah. The Swedish extreme metal band has been around for over 3 decades and with every new release they still know how to push boundaries and smash the mold. Being an influence to many djent and extreme progressive bands, they are still revered as one of the most innovative and technical metal bands around. So a new release of these mastodons is something that creates extremely high excitement and expectations. The way they blow everyone away and stand strong in their craft is simply “Immutable“, hence a perfect album title for this upcoming release…

Destruction – Diabolical

(08/04 - Napalm Records)

The German thrash metal veterans will celebrate their 40th anniversary with the release of their 15th studio record. The band describes ‘Diabolical’ as “an album of extremes, everything is more brutal and more technical but at the same time more melodic and to the point. It’s a pure and devastating Destruction album with no gimmicks, full of power and adrenaline”. Judging by the first two singles (‘Diabolical’ and ‘No Faith in Humanity’) I’d say that description is pretty accurate.

Papa Roach - Ego Trip

(08/04 - New Noize Records)

Papa Roach is one of those few bands that are still remaining from that golden era of nu metal decades ago and while they still clearly sound like Papa Roach, most of their music is nowhere near what they released back then. While a lot of their older fans have been turned away because of the change in musical style, it simply is very impressive how they know how to reinvent themselves time after time again. After somewhat blowing us away with their ‘Crooked Teeth‘ album, their follow-up ‘Who Do You Trust?‘ left us somewhat wanting for more with its very poppy production. With ‘Ego Trip‘ it seems they’re still going in a somewhat more poppy direction, but add some more Papa Roach flavor to the whole, being their quirky selves. ‘Kill The Noise‘ and ‘Stand Up‘ gave us a taste of the more old school ferociousness, while the rather left field but deadly catch ‘Swerve‘ featuring Fever 333‘s Jason Aalon Butler and Sueco was a genre-crossing banger of a song that to this day has put its hooks in me. We can’t help it but to look forward to this, no matter the result.

Greve - Föllo af Svavel, Lifvets Dimridå

(10/04 - Purity Through Fire)

Like the Nordic blizzard storm Swedish songwriter and musician Swartadapuz is carried forward by his abounding passion to explore divergent styles within the spectrum of black metal which brings us to the sophomore release “Föllo af Svavel, Lifvets Dimridå”. Greve continues to follow the roots of welding its music upon the traditional melodies of the second wave of black metal. The seven new songs are infused with powerful rhythm where the guitars and the vocals give off an aura of pure aggression. While still sounding cold and grim Greve reveals stylistic changes to the follow-up “Nordarikets strid” which comes close to the aura of the classic Swedish bands like Dawn and Thy Primordial. The album is scheduled for a release date on April 10th via Purity Through Fire.

Monuments - In Stasis

(15/04 - Century Media Records)

UK’s Monuments has been the darlings of proggy music for a while now. With the 4th full-length ‘In Stasis’ they’re back in full force after having released a couple of singles over the past years. It also marks quite the milestone in the history of the band, it being the release with many firsts: Mike Malyan back on drums, longtime guitarist Olly Steele not being with them anymore and their latest vocalist Andy Cizek. One thing is sure though with this release, and that it’ll be filled with djenty grooves, heavy as fuck riffs and amazing melodies all stitched together into a prime example of intricate modern metal music. A not to be missed album!

Crisix – Full HD

(15/04 - Listenable Records)

As if Evil Invaders’ and Destruction’s new releases weren’t enough, we’ll also get another anticipated thrash metal release this month, when the Spanish mosh machine known as Crisix will unleash ‘Full HD’ unto the world. The album’s first single ‘W.N.M. United’ (which stands for ‘World Needs Mosh United’) is a fantastic anthem that pays tribute to the 2000’s revival of thrash metal, by uniting ten guest vocalists from the “new wave of thrash metal” scene.

Månegarm - Ynglingaättens Öde

(15/04 - Napalm Records)

For all who have lived through the heydays of folk metal over a decade ago, or those who simply love a mixture of folk and black metal with strong viking themes, a new album from Sweden’s Månegarm is always an exciting sight to behold. Plenty of their albums are considered to be absolute classics in the folk metal world and with ‘Ynglingaättens Öde’ they are very much continuing their path of epic metal masterpieces brimming with upbeat folky tunes and grim black metal music telling tales of their ancestors.

Skull Fist – Paid in Full

(22/04 - Atomic Fire Records)

This Canadian-based heavy/speed metal band is part of the “new wave of traditional heavy metal”. Over the past 15 years the band has had its fair share of hardships, including multiple line-up changes and a neck-breaking skateboarding accident back in 2013. Fortunately, this hasn’t detracted front-man Zach Slaughter and his companions from remaining committed to rock. With a brand new album and a brand new record label to boot, Skull Fist is ready to take over the world again! Long live the Fist!

Corpsessed – Succumb To Rot

(22/04 - Dark Descent Records)

In honor of its 15th anniversary, Finnish death metal band Corpsessed will release its new album “Succumb To Rot” on April 22nd through Dark Descent Records. The album itself is evidence of transitional changes from the previous material. Although the elements of cavernous and old school death metal are overwhelmingly displayed, Corpsessed delivers a powerful mixture of grinding death metal with a palpable atmosphere resulting in direct onslaughts of sledgehammering drums and combustible riffing. The process of recording, mixing, and production took three months and was handled solely by M.M. guitarist and backing vocals. “Succumb To Rot” is another worthy album to the band’s growing discography that will attract fans of U.S. death metal.

Caliban - Dystopia

(22/04 - Century Media Records)

Caliban is quite the force to be reckoned with. One of Germany’s biggest and longest running metalcore outfits, they’ve never been ones to sit still or do things the easy way, while maintaining a certain level of bone-crushing quality throughout their careers. While last year they released the album ‘Zeitgeister‘, featuring German re-recordings of old tracks, ‘Dystopia‘ is the first full-length with completely new music since 2018’s ‘Elements‘. And that album seems like the piece of music we all need with today’s state of the world, featuring a darker and heavier sound, expressing the anxiety and angst the band members were all feeling. Though at the same time, there is a sliver of hope to be found within the darkness, looking for solidarity and together fighting through the troubled times and rising from the ashes. This already being an impressive piece of music, they’ve added guest appearances from Annisokay‘s Christoph Wieczorek, Heaven Shall Burn‘s Marcus Bischoff and Job for a Cowboy‘s Jonny Davy to add extra gravitas to some of the tracks. This will be most definitely a beast of an album that will shatter windows and eardrums alike.

Rammstein – Zeit

(29/04 - Universal Music)

Rammstein’s untitled seventh album from 2019 took 10 years to see the light of day. Therefore, it is a pleasant surprise to see this German juggernaut returning so soon with a brand new record. Ironically, we have the pandemic to thank for this, as the lockdowns from the past two years meant that Rammstein were forced to delay the remaining legs of their tour. Luckily, this also spurred the band’s creativity, resulting in spontaneous writing and recording sessions. Going on the first single and title track released with the announcement of the new album, we can very much expect the unexpected again and Rammstein‘s typical engaging storytelling and unique artistic views.

Watain – The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain

(29/04 - Nuclear Blast Records)

Infamous Swedish black metal group Watain will unleash its demonic pandemonium on April 29th via Nuclear Blast Records. The long-awaited seventh album “The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain” promises to be supremely menacing in its contents and scope, a magnum opus that offers everything to please the fans of black metal. It’s about time for the Swedish trio to present their work of art in this sophisticated and masterful performance. The ten songs seemingly have crawled out of the abyss with a kind of primordial nature that is defined by the ecstatic and the savage work of the Swedish trio E. Danielsson, P. Forsberg, and H. Jonsson. The upcoming album also features impressive guest appearances from Farida Lemouchi (ex- Devil’s Blood) and Gottfrid Åhman (ex- In Solitude).

Freja - Tides

(22/04 - Babylon Doom Cult)

Freja is a Dutch duo with members from bands like Witte Wieven, Laster and Verval, all much acknowledged entities in the Dutch black metal scene. After working together in 2019 on the by Roadburn commissioned piece Maalstroom, a Dutch black metal scene supergroup, C. and W. decided to continue creating mesmerizing music rooted in both black metal’s harshness and ancient atmospheres. Expect to be taken away and drift along on the “Tides” filled with magical melodies, compelling compositions and crushing heaviness. This will easily speak to music fans of different spectra going from black metal to post-metal to those who look for almost cathartic and contemplative pieces of music that resonate with that part of us that is bonded with the ancient energies of nature.

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