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Metalcore outfit Make Them Suffer returned armed with a glossy yet blistering new single ‘Epitaph’, out via Greyscale Records and SharpTone Records! Catch them live this Summer at European festivals like Copenhell, Graspop and Tuska Open Air, and select club dates!

Tuska unleashed the first batch of bands for the 2024 line-up and it seems they put their chips strongly on modern metal/metalcore with Bring Me The Horizon, Bloodred Hourglass, Bury Tomorrow, Make Them Suffer, Infected Rain and Fixation, proggy music with Opeth, Vola, Voyager and Riverside, and power metal with Alestorm, Angus McSix and Brothers Of Metal. And of course, festival regulars Amorphis and Stam1na belong to the party as well!

What do you think of the line-up already? Who do you hope to be added still?

Bad Omens announced both sold-out NYC shows of their ‘A Tour of the Concrete Jungle’ to be available as livestream shows, get your tickets now so you don’t have to miss out after all!

Modern metal titans from Australia, Make Them Suffer, unleash a brand new track and video with ‘Contraband’ for the first time ever featuring a guest vocalist with Courtney LaPlante!

August Burns Red is setting the tone for the coming festive period…


The second day of Tuska 2024 will get at least as exciting as the day before, we highly recommend you don’t sit out on the shows of Ankor, VOLA, Solence, St. Aurora, Make Them Suffer, I Am Your God, Bring Me The Horizon and The Abbey!

Tomorrow it’s again that time of the year: Tuska weekend is upon us! If somehow you weren’t convinced yet that you need to go, here are 10 reasons we believe should be enough motivation to still get a ticket if any are available still! Going from a great line-up, to Tuska KVLT, Tuska Expo expanding further and simply an amazing atmosphere! See you there!

Some good old familiars and a couple of big surprises made it to the albums of the year 2020 for Glenn!

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Line-up changes are always scary and don’t always turn out for the best… which can’t be said about Make Them Suffer.