YUNGBLUD “Life On Mars Europe Tour” (Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki) – 26/05/2022

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With GRIMM we’re always on the look for the next big thing in music to try and cover those promising artists. One such talent is the UK artist YUNGBLUD, who has been taking the world by storm with his highly catchy and poppy music that has a clear punk attitude. While the poppy nature of his music might turn off a lot of people that frequently visit our site, we feel he’s a fresh breath of air in the realm of more commercial rock music and his clear belief in being who you are without compromise is something that should at least get appreciation by the part of our crowd that highly values individuality and not hiding who you are. So off we went to catch his Helsinki stop on his “Life On Mars Europe Tour” at the Culture House! When we got to the sold out venue shortly before the doors opened, there was a line of people waiting to get in that spanned a couple of blocks. The sheer dedication of YUNGBLUD‘s fans in Finland is pretty obvious…

For a full report on the night, go here.

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