Gig Reports

With Turmion Kätilöt you always get an amazing disko metal party and with supporting acts Japanese black metal outfit Sigh and the Finnish melancholics of Marianas Rest we got quite the diverse musical evening at Pakkahuone in Tampere, Finland to start a long Easter weekend! An event organized by Nem Agency.

Gig report of Turmion Kätilöt with Sigh and Marianas Rest in Pakkahuone on March 28th 2024 in Tampere (Finland), organized by Nem Agency.

Gig report of Turmion Kätilöt with Sigh and Marianas Rest in Pakkahuone on March 28th 2024 in Tampere (Finland), organized by Nem Agency.

Album Reviews

The ninth album “Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts” from old school death metal veterans Autopsy showcases superb musicianship out now, via Peaceville Records since October 27th.

Static Abyss’ second full-length “Aborted from Reality” invokes such horror and treads into the style of morbid crusty death doom metal, Chris Reifert and Greg Wilkinson have successfully created a filthy and sordid amalgam of slow death doom metal. Out via Peaceville Records!

Blasphemer’s new side project band RUÏM offers a sinister and visceral piece of black metal. The debut album ‘Black Royal Spiritism – I. O Sino da Igreja’ is a demonic opus and a towering achievement for Grammy award winning guitarist Blasphemer. Out via Peaceville Records.

Thomas Eriksen channels the raw classic aesthetics of old-school black metal and deserves an award for his newest musical accomplishment, his sixth album ‘Dypet’ which maintains the trademarks of Norwegian black metal with impressive catchy hooks. Out via Peaceville Records.

Dødheimsgard’s sixth album “Black Medium Current” is a landmark in the realms of avant-garde music. Mastermind Vicotnik shows how versatile the band has become and delivers a trance-like atmosphere, hypnotic industrial beats embedded with beautiful synth textures, out via Peaceville Records! Don’t miss out on getting to hear some of this masterpiece live for the first time at Steelfest in Finland next month!

Darkthrone on its 20th album tackles the old era of traditional metal in a very conventional method. Although some of the tracks may lack the raw organic sound, nevertheless “Astral Fortress” is an epic blackened and doom-laden heavy metal record that is gritty and bold to its core! Out via Peaceville Records.

Death metal forefathers Autopsy deliver a raw, ugly, yet inspiring performance on their 9th album ‘Morbidity Triumphant’ which mixes different tones and styles, thus keeping the songs atmospheric and brutal. It is the band’s most honed work to date. Out via Peaceville Records since September 30th.

‘Eternal Hails……’ is a well-crafted album brought by excellent songwriting from these true traditionalists.

Mork’s latest release ‘Katedralen’ brings black metal rooted in the old school template of raw black metal with still their own touches.

Morta Skuld on their sixth album continues the dynamic pace of the music, ‘Suffer for Nothing’ is a high standard death metal album.


The music industry is at it again at full force after the festival season with a massive amount of really cool releases coming out, just look at the number of our most anticipated releases for September have grown into and then we probably could have included more still. With new albums from Blind Guardian, Yungblud, Wolfheart, Slipknot, Starcrawler, Lost Society, The Hu, Vermin Womb, Vermilia, Bloodbath, Slugcrust, Electric Callboy, Innumerable Forms, Tribal Gaze, Gaerea and Graceless, it’ll be quite the month again!