Autopsy – Morbidity Triumphant

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Death metal forefathers Autopsy have finally returned from the dead with a brand new album 'Morbidity Triumphant', out via Peaceville Records since September 30th. Carving its unspeakable name in the realm of death metal since 1987, Autopsy pioneered the U.S. underground scene along with bands like Death and Possessed. While most fans are familiar with Chris Reifert’s frenetic barks and hammering drums, the veterans deliver a sadistic reinvention of a classic raw death/doom metal sound, hence suiting the tone of Autopsy’s early albums.

Morbidity Triumphant’ reels in dreadful horror and gruesomeness: through the corpse-ridden sickness the swell of nasty caveman riffs are soaked in cavernous reverb. The opening track ‘Stab the Brain’ showcases the band’s trademark ability of bludgeoning drums and pure evil shrieking, exhibiting how Autopsy can blend diversity from brutality to primitive death metal. The album emphasizes the guitars in creating a mood that is laden with disease. ‘Final Frost’ embodies the elements of doom metal with veterans like Eric Cutler and Danny Coralles rasping out nasty riffs and setting things into motion. The slow menacing doom riffs crawl along with the buzzing sound of Greg Wilkinson‘s bass guitar. There is some kind of atmosphere that conjures ominous images where the carnivorous zombie fiends wander out into the cemetery.

It’s almost as if Autopsy is reminiscing about the past album like ‘Mental Funeral’. There is an undeniable sense of morbidity surrounding the overall theme of the album.The gruesome cover art by Wes Bencoster (Bloodbath, Vader, Slayer, Broken Hope) sums up their horrible and spine-chilling macabre obsession with death. ‘The Voracious One’ begins with a wicked guitar riff that fits the filthy proportion of Autopsy’s sound in which the mastery of the guitar technique skillfully captures the mood. ‘Born in Blood’ brings some menacing doom metal riffs to the forefront. However, the guitars keep things interesting enough as there are some killer twists and turns rising amid the morbid growls of Chris Reifert.

Taking us on a horrifying excursion into a madman’s house where cold-blooded butchery comes into play, ‘Morbidity Triumphant’ is steeped in the old classics of raw death metal. The guitars are achieved with supreme skills, showcasing intricate riffs and solos unveiling infectious hooks. Though as much as the songs are murky and filthy, they are remarkably laden with wicked melodies. ‘Flesh Strewn Temple’ has plenty of hooky guitar moments: from the opening riffs the music morphs and shifts into unending sections of morbid hypnotic cacophony.

Autopsy on the new album delivers a raw, ugly inspiring performance, riffs slowly crawl into dreadful horror on ‘Tapestry of Scars’. The rhythm guitar is flawlessly executed and each of the 11 tracks has a grisly theme that follows with an infectious guitar pattern. With such outstanding quality Autopsy has found a niche for themselves. The songwriting on the 9th album seems elevated and beyond the latest offering, making it the band’s most honed work to date in my opinion. ‘Morbidity Triumphant’ mixes different tones and styles, thus keeping the songs atmospheric and brutal. The guitar department conveys sharp riffing strumming hypnotic lead guitars that are weaved from dusty cobwebs.

Knife Slice, Axe Chop’ and ‘Skin by Skin’ are full of jarring and unsettling experiences which present an organic formula of blending death doom dirges. The madness continues to belch punishing drum beats and hysteric laughter with flesh-cleaving riffs and head-splattering bass guitars, driving you all mad! The guitars are heavy, raw and in your face, churning out some of the best old-school riffing you will hear this year. The tight performance will surely not disappoint the fans who have been waiting for a new album and the songwriting is loaded with chunky riffs.

With the range of instruments ‘Maggots in the Mirror’ is quintessentially savage. The drums settle in a bludgeoning mid-tempo. The track is a true demonstration of evil croaking, frenzy barks followed by chainsaw riffs and heavy bass guitar. ‘Slaughterer of Souls’ is another memorable track that follows the method of Autopsy’s latest albums such as ‘Tourniquets Hacksaws and Graves’ and ‘The Headless Ritual’. The contrasting element here combines macabre twists in creating a slow morbid sensation as Eric Cutler and Danny Coralles constantly unleash one killer riff after another.

Despite the slow, simplistic drumming on this track, the music emphasizes slow and fast tempos. While the key success always remains in the method of variations, Autopsy churns out  one hellish old-school piece of death metal. The closing track ‘Your Eyes Will Turn to Dust’ opens with slow, crawling riffs, creating an eerie atmosphere. Followed by fast riffing embossed with 80s speed metal, the vocals boast a cavernous reverb of death metal.


  • Music / Songwriting 10/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 9/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 10/10
  • Originality 10/10

After several spins, I must say that ‘Morbidity Triumphant’ has all the qualities to become my favorite album of the year. This is a classic death metal album executed in the old rotten ways.

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