Album Reviews

Static Abyss’ second full-length “Aborted from Reality” invokes such horror and treads into the style of morbid crusty death doom metal, Chris Reifert and Greg Wilkinson have successfully created a filthy and sordid amalgam of slow death doom metal. Out via Peaceville Records!

Death metal forefathers Autopsy deliver a raw, ugly, yet inspiring performance on their 9th album ‘Morbidity Triumphant’ which mixes different tones and styles, thus keeping the songs atmospheric and brutal. It is the band’s most honed work to date. Out via Peaceville Records since September 30th.

Siege of Power demonstrates an interesting cast from these musicians as they deliver a number of hits on their debut album “Warning Blast”

Through Wilderness is considered fresh and different from most of the traditional death metal records, the new material is laden with swirling guitar tones of memorable riffs and low growl vocals that makes this record so essential for any death metal fan.