Sulphurous – The Black Mouth of Sepulchre

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Denmark’s death metal duo Sulphurous is back with the colossal sophomore release “The Black Mouth of Sepulchre” out via Dark Descent Records and Me Saco un Ojo on October 22nd. Three years in the making, the members of the Danish death metal band Hyperdontia, M (vocals, guitars, and bass) and T (drums), have crafted six dark tracks drenched in a dreadful sense of doom. Sulphurous‘ dynamic technicality is vividly evident throughout the whirling vortexes of superb riffs and hooky rhythm displays. The beautiful artwork designed by Paolo Girardi simply gives an indication of what to expect from the band. The album takes another formidable step from its predecessor “Dolorous Death Kneel” which was released three years ago.

The kind of eldritch force the band offers on the opening track “Emanated Trepidation” sets an ominous tone for the album. Throughout the duration of the album, the guitars create a dark sepulchral atmosphere while the intensity is focused on ferocious blast beats. What makes the songs so remarkable, is how the guitars weave eerie undertones that drift underneath swift tides of blasting drums. Plunging the listener into sinister darkness with the excellent insertion of the guitar effects, imbuing a supernatural quality to the songs. Sulphurous prove that their musical creativity in elaborating the sonic craft is brought to a new direction this time. “The Black Mouth of Sepulchre” is emphasized on the spewing guttural growls and ferociousness of the percussion. It feels like every song is surrounded by some kind of an uncanny aura of mysteriousness from the intense riffing complexion, and the band shows the ability to push their boundaries.

Compared to the previous release, the sophomore has an unmatched scale of power. The songwriting prowess clearly reflects on the songs, the way the lead guitars and layered rhythm bring a profound depth to the music is just excellent. The duo has aptly captured a malevolent Lovecraftian style of obscure death metal, “Dry Breath of the Tomb” displays the awe-inspiring performance. Riffs swirls like an oceanic tide whilst the drums bring plenty of variation to the song structure. The composition drips with chord-laden hooks, just by looking at the horrific album cover you will immediately decipher the architectural textures. There is plenty of booming paces where the drums utilize merciless blast beats, the tempo sometimes offers slow guitar plodding whereas the drums trudge along with the swirling riffs.  

The guitars and the vocals apply various textures and hooks, dual vocals combine diabolical shrieks and frenzy rasps, with the rhythm and lead guitars utilized in the slow passages. “Shadows Writing Like Black Wings” is a monstrous track that leaves plenty of room for the instrumentation to fill in the tempos. The subtle layers of the rhythm in adding a gloomy layer to the song composition exhibit the dramatic change in songwriting. The dismal piano passage of the song intro presents visionary qualities of the band. The song is condensed with powerful guitar chugs and the guttural vocalization merges well with the riffs. Sulphurous enters the highest canons of the Danish and Scandinavian death metal through the sophomore.

Seemingly every track of the album exudes quality and ultimate brutality. “Eyes Glaring Black Furry” introduces the lead guitars that provide infectious hooks, the juxtaposition of blasting drums and the riff barrages are jarring, there are some elements of blackened death metal infused into the songs. The juxtaposition of the raspy growls and the guttural growls are damned effective. Another brutal entry that sounds absolutely dreadful is the album title track “The Black Mouth of Sepulchre”, where the rhythm guitar imbues an eldritch atmosphere. The unsettling tempo is measured by the tension created by powerful guitar riffs. Double bass and tight musicianship take a complex form on this monolithic track.

The alteration to the rhythm and the scathing tremolos is noteworthy, the whole focus is put on the excellent guitar performance. Album closure “Gazing into the Patch of Darkness” emphasizes the tremolo-picked riffs with blackened death metal elements creating an ominous scale. “The Black Mouth of Sepulchre” delivers unmatched performance from the Danish duo, who lend us a bleak experience that will rather bring them to the top echelons of European acts. Sulphurous take you to the uncanny supernatural realm beyond the veil of light where the sinister forces of terror lurk in dimensions unseen. This is definitely one of my favorite albums in death metal this year and comes highly recommended for fans of Taphos, Phrenelith, and Dead Congregation

Release Date: October 24th, 2021
Label: Dark Descent Records (CD), Me Saco un Ojo (Vinyl)

  1. Emanated Trepidation
  2. Dry Breath of the Tomb
  3. Shadows Writhing like Black Wings
  4. Eyes Glaring Black Fury
  5. The Black Mouth of Sepulchre
  6. Gazing into The Patch of Darkness


  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality9/10
9Sulphurous on their sophomore "The Black Mouth of Sepulchre" take you to the uncanny supernatural realm beyond the veil of light where the sinister forces of terror lurk in dimensions unseen.
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