Powerstroke + Hudič + Beyond Our Sight (Asgaard, Gentbrugge) – 20/01/2024

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For the third event of the year, GRIMM invited Powerstroke, Hudič and Beyond Our Sight to play at Asgaard.

Beyond Our Sight kicked off the event. It was a special night for the band because it was their last gig ever. Beyond Our Sight is a band from Ghent, Belgium, with members hailing from bands like Poseydon and The Breathing Reflex. They bring a style of metal heavily influenced by metalcore, death metal and thrash Metal. Where many other bands operate with a frontman who at times gets vocal support from a bassist or guitarist, Beyond Our Sight has two full-fledged frontmen on stage. The vocal connection between the two vocalists gave the set an extra boost. Working with two singers, who can both stir things up well, does the trick. The influences of thrash and metalcore can be heard. The guitar parts complement each other nicely, and the vocal lines are an enrichment and stimulate the melody of the songs. The band went full throttle from the start and the audience went crazy and gave them an open curtain. It was a fantastic show, too bad that the curtain fell. Isn’t that a pity?

Next in line was Hudič. If you know that Hudič is Slovenian for devil, then you can already deduce what to expect. It is a Belgian metal band founded in 2017 that combines different styles (doom, black and death metal) into one soul devouring machine! Apparently, the band members don’t want to be recognized, because they perform in monk’s robes. At the intro, the singer walked among the audience, while literally incense the people with a censer! The tone is immediately set. A show of Hudiç is dark and obscure, my cup of tea. Hudič‘s sound is varied. Sometimes exhilarating, sometimes leaning back, but always threatening. Many styles of metal are forged into a beautiful whole, where not one style is dominant. Those who like a portion of modern metal with extreme tones, will love Hudiç. The vocalist has a fine voice. Deep and low when possible, vicious and sharp when necessary. This makes for a pleasant change. They gave a solid performance and the audience loved it. Their new single “WHEN THE STARS ALIGN” has been dropped on March 1st ! Check it on Spotify and immerse yourself in the dark and powerful world of Black and Death Metal.

The headliner was Powerstroke:  Originally a thrash/hardcore combo that rose from the underground, crushing yet grooving in a unique way. Through the years, they as a band created a musical brand on their own. They have been booked as support act for Life of Agony, Body Count, Suicidal Tendencies, Crowbar and Pro-Pain. Powerstroke is a very productive band that has built up a very solid live reputation because of their intensive shows and their heavy and groovin’ live sound. They didn’t disappoint us. The band raced over the crowd like a truck and the crowd went nuts. The five-piece from Meetjesland doesn’t care about uniformity and browses through every corner of the metal genre: nu metal, death, thrash, hardcore, anything goes. Brutal uppercuts leave room for breathers and fragility. Powerstroke manages to keep all genres in line and the group never loses sight of cohesion. The multitude of styles also makes the band timeless. The show was spot on. This band deserves a bigger stage.




It was a successful event with smashing performances, where Beyond Our Sight got a dignified farewell.

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