Arka’n Asrafokor reveal ‘The Truth’ with a new lyric video


Togo based metallers ARKA’N ASRAFOKOR [Asrafocore = “Music of the Warriors” (“asrafo” means “warrior” in their mother language)] continue to determinedly walk the path to the release of their sophomore album “Dzikkuh” (due out on May 24, 2024 through Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM)), and with their brand new song ‘The Truth,’ the band share — as clearly hinted by its title — nothing but another important message. The supporting lyric video underlines the significance of the groove laden track which is probably more needed than ever in these rough times we live in.

Stream/purchase the track:

Guitarist/singer Rock Ahavi states, 

“Even if darkness reigns tonight, even if death strikes tonight, light will rise tomorrow, and I will see the beast fall: burnt, torn apart, defeated by all the children of the world, ’cause they will all know the truth, and will all serve the truth, with rage and dedication, so that peace, real peace, reigns over our small home: our planet earth.”

Pre-order “Dzikkuh” on CD, pre-save it on your favourite DSP or pre-order it digitally to receive ‘The Truth,’ ‘Angry God Of Earth’ and ‘Walk With Us’ instantly now, here:

13. – 20.04.2024 CI Abidjan – MASA d’Abidjan
17.05.2024 CH Winterthur – Afro-Pfingsten

Drawing their main inspiration from African traditions and wisdom what results in their very own interpretation of the genre, the quintet are set to release their label debut “Dzikkuh” on May 24, 2024 through Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM).

Rock Ahavi | guitars, lead vocals
Enrico Ahavi | keyboards, harsh & rap vocals
Francis Amevo | bass
Mass Aholou | percussion
Richard Siko | drums

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