PRISTINE unleashed official music video for “Behind The Line”

Norwegian rock band PRISTINE released their new digital EP “Fireball” on May 8th. Now the band offers fans a music video for the track “Behind The Line”. Check out the video here:

Frontwoman Heidi states 

“Finally! The summer is here and we are releasing our third music video. ‘Behind The Line’ is a psychedelic song about a pretty destructive relationship I had some time ago. I had to work hard not to let him kill my positivism. The song is about knowing your personal line of boundaries, and figuring out how to stay on the right side of the line.”

The release of the “Fireball” EP surfaces in an unexpected time from the Norwegian rock band PRISTINE. When the world has closed down because of the COVID-19 virus and this pandemic has reached every border, creating confusion and changes that we never would have imagined only a few months ago, PRISTINE wanted to press the pause button and reflect around who we are. This digital EP release is perhaps the most untypical release from the Norwegian rock band and consists of three songs.

“Fireball” digital EP track listing:
1.      Fireball
2.      Lucid Dream
3.      Behind The Line

Download and Stream “Fireball” digital EP here:

Find PRISTINE here:


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