Gardenhead released another gloomy single with ‘DEVOURED’

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Mycelium rises from the moldy corners of the room and the amps radiate like molten reactors from Chernobyl. The smell is unbearable and the noise rises to lovecraftian dimensions. A normal rehearsal for Jonne Nyberg (vocals & guitar), Antti “Andy” Silkelä (drums), Eero Silkelä (guitar) and Antti Lammi (bass) aka GARDENHEAD. They’ve been working on their debut album for the past year, with their first single, “The Ordeal,” released last summer. The new single DEVOURED comes out accompanied by an animated lyric video and continues in the desperate and gloomy vein of its predecessor.

Andy describes the writing process:

“Devoured was initially a bunch of Eero‘s riffs and a couple of Jonne‘s melody ideas we played around with at the end of rehearsals. One night I walked out of the void that we call our practice space, and thought of a quote from Stephen King that our late friend would’ve wanted to get a tattoo of: “Monsters are real, Ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win. ” At that moment it felt like an omen come true. I wrote the lyrics to the song inspired by the quote during the walk home. ”

Gardenhead will release their album during the spring on all major streaming platforms and physically in vinyl format.


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