Rave The Reqviem released new video single ‘Holy Homicide’!

Sweden based Rave The Reqviem just released their new video single ‘Holy Homicide’ today! The song is the third single taken from their upcoming magnum opus ”Stigmata Itch” (out Dec 4th).

Watch the brand-new video here:

“Forgive me, father
For I have sinned
Don’t even know where to begin”

Rave The Reqviem stands for a modern hybrid of metal and electronic music, delivered with catchy choruses and majestic symphonies which supplied The Chvrch of RTR with a steady stream of new believers since day one. Boasting with their devoted underground following, they set sail for wider horizons and signed with the German label Out Of Line Music who released their album ”Fvuneral [sic]” in 2018. An album which aside from getting top-tier reviews was the gateway to major festival gigs and extensive support tours. With their upcoming 4th magnum opus ”Stigmata Itch”, the first album to feature their new vocalist The Sister Svperior, the band has refined their sound to a spiritual level. The sky is the limit, and the band aims for nothing less. The upcoming album “Stigmata Itch” is set for release on December 4th and has been masterfully crafted at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. 

1. Oh, The Joy!
2. I Bring The Light
3. Holy Homicide
4. Riptide
5. Colossvs
6. Phantom Pain
7. Alpha vs. Omega
8. By The Horn Of Joshva
9. She Will Weep
10. Aerial
11. Majordomo
12. He Cometh Forth Like A Flower

Prepare for an intense ride with cutting-edge metal, heavy electro beats, sweet melodies, and glorious symphonies that will make you lift your hallelujah!

Stream or preorder Rave The Reqviem “Stigmata Itch” here 


Rave The Reqviem:
 The Prophet – Vocals, Guitars and Programming
 The Sister Svperior – Vocals
 The Cantor – Vocals, Keyboards and Percussion
 The Archbishop – Bass
 The Deacon – Drums


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