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For the third event of the year, GRIMM invited Powerstroke, Hudič and Beyond Our Sight to play at Asgaard.

Beyond Our Sight kicked off the event. It was a special night for the band because it was their last gig ever. Beyond Our Sight is a band from Ghent, Belgium, with members hailing from bands like Poseydon and The Breathing Reflex. They bring a style of metal heavily influenced by metalcore, death metal and thrash Metal. Where many other bands operate with a frontman who at times gets vocal support from a bassist or guitarist, Beyond Our Sight has two full-fledged frontmen on stage. The vocal connection between the two vocalists gave the set an extra boost. Working with two singers, who can both stir things up well, does the trick. The influences of thrash and metalcore can be heard. The guitar parts complement each other nicely, and the vocal lines are an enrichment and stimulate the melody of the songs. The band went full throttle from the start and the audience went crazy and gave them an open curtain. It was a fantastic show, too bad that the curtain fell. Isn’t that a pity?

Next in line was Hudič. If you know that Hudič is Slovenian for devil, then you can already deduce what to expect. It is a Belgian metal band founded in 2017 that combines different styles (doom, black and death metal) into one soul devouring machine! Apparently, the band members don’t want to be recognized, because they perform in monk’s robes. At the intro, the singer walked among the audience, while literally incense the people with a censer! The tone is immediately set. A show of Hudiç is dark and obscure, my cup of tea. Hudič‘s sound is varied. Sometimes exhilarating, sometimes leaning back, but always threatening. Many styles of metal are forged into a beautiful whole, where not one style is dominant. Those who like a portion of modern metal with extreme tones, will love Hudiç. The vocalist has a fine voice. Deep and low when possible, vicious and sharp when necessary. This makes for a pleasant change. They gave a solid performance and the audience loved it. Their new single “WHEN THE STARS ALIGN” has been dropped on March 1st ! Check it on Spotify and immerse yourself in the dark and powerful world of Black and Death Metal.

The headliner was Powerstroke:  Originally a thrash/hardcore combo that rose from the underground, crushing yet grooving in a unique way. Through the years, they as a band created a musical brand on their own. They have been booked as support act for Life of Agony, Body Count, Suicidal Tendencies, Crowbar and Pro-Pain. Powerstroke is a very productive band that has built up a very solid live reputation because of their intensive shows and their heavy and groovin’ live sound. They didn’t disappoint us. The band raced over the crowd like a truck and the crowd went nuts. The five-piece from Meetjesland doesn’t care about uniformity and browses through every corner of the metal genre: nu metal, death, thrash, hardcore, anything goes. Brutal uppercuts leave room for breathers and fragility. Powerstroke manages to keep all genres in line and the group never loses sight of cohesion. The multitude of styles also makes the band timeless. The show was spot on. This band deserves a bigger stage.




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On the vibrant night of March 26th, metal enthusiasts descended upon El Corazon, the iconic music venue in the heart of Seattle, Washington. The anticipation was palpable as fans eagerly awaited the arrival of one of the most influential bands in the black metal scene: Rotting Christ. The lights dimmed as the clock struck the appointed hour, and the crowd roared in anticipation. The stage came alive with a burst of energy as Rotting Christ emerged, shrouded in darkness yet radiating a magnetic presence. With their signature blend of melodic riffs, thunderous drums, and haunting vocals, they wasted no time captivating the audience.

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Amaranthe and DragonForce took Brussels with an electrifying performance on March 17th, 2024, at the Ancienne Belgique. The venue buzzed with the excitement of metal enthusiasts. The evening promised an extraordinary lineup, including the opening act Infected Rain, whose dynamic set laid the groundwork for a night of high-energy music. Unfortunately, due to an unexpected hiccup with our photo pass, we were unable to access the photo pit in time for Infected Rain‘s performance (first three songs you know). This slight setback, however, did not dampen spirits as we managed to capture the essence of their show from the vantage point of the balcony, ensuring that also their vibrant presence was duly documented.

We were happy to witness this show and captured some photos so that those who were unable to attend can experience the unique atmosphere of the evening as well.

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AUGUST BURNS RED, the metalcore giants from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, are currently storming across European stages as part of their ‘Death Below’ tour. They are accompanied by THROWN and DYING WISH.

The first performance of the evening features the relatively new band THROWN. This Swedish quartet surprises with robust and concise songs. With a song length that is reminiscent of the RAMONES. Their blend of metal core and hardcore sets the audience in first motion.

In the subsequent act, DYING WISH, things get even wilder. Led by Emma Boster on the mic, this group from Portland, Oregon, USA, pushes the boundaries. Despite vocals that were less convincing that evening due to a not optimized sound mixing, the band manages to impress, thanks in part to the songs from their current album, ‘Symptoms of Survival’.

When ABR (August Burns Red) takes the stage, the venue ignites. The quintet has the crowd in their grip from the very first beat, not releasing them until the last note fades away. Sound, lights (amplified by four light towers on stage), and stage action demonstrate why they are the headliners. The audience fully engages in circle pits, mosh pits, and the wall of death – every move initiated by Jake Luhrs on stage is gratefully received. It’s a grand and exceptional metal core spectacle, and their extensive experience in the business is evident.

It was a highly successful evening with an outstanding lineup!

Enjoy our photo report!

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On March 21, 2024, The venue South of Heaven in Bilzen was electrified by the fervent energy of the “Vivid Black Over Europe” tour headlined by the Hungarian metal band Ektomorf. The evening was made particularly special, thanks to an invitation from our Slovenian friends, Inmate, who served as the opening act. They proudly introduced their upcoming CD, “Let The Dead Bury Their Dead,” set for release on April 9, to an eager audience. The night was further enriched by performances from Serpents from Poland and Tag My Heart from Germany, each adding to the unique ambiance of the event.

However, Tag My Heart’s performance took an unforeseen turn when Isabel, the lead singer, had to exit the stage after just two songs. Despite her brave attempt to push through, illness made it impossible for her to complete the set, much to her and the fans’ regret.

Nonetheless, the atmosphere among the audience remained understanding and respectful. The anticipation for Ektomorf built up, and as soon as they took the stage, the previously calm vibe completely transformed. The band, known for their explosive performances and deep musical connection with their audience, did not disappoint. Their energy and passion electrified the venue, shifting the crowd from calmly observant to wildly enthusiastic.

It was clear the headliner was the heartbeat of the evening. Ektomorf’s performance affirmed their status as a must-see act in the metal scene.

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Two mastodons of the metal scene joining forces to take over venues all over Europe is something we usually don’t let pass us by. So when modern metal giants Amaranthe and power metal titans Dragonforce announced their massive co-headline tour, we knew we had to experience what was sure to be quite the spectacle. So off we went on a Saturday night to Helsinki’s Black Box in the Ice Hall venue…

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Orbit Culture

Antwerp’s Kavka Zappa witnessed a spectacular evening with Orbit Culture headlining and Defects opening the show. For Orbit Culture, this marked not only their first headline tour but also their debut under their new record label Century Media Records. The night unfolded with a series of intense moments, as smoke filled the venue, mosh pits erupted, and crowd-surfing became commonplace. In an unexpected turn, both bands even found themselves amidst the audience, playing their songs in the midst of the mosh pit, creating a unique intimacy between the artists and the crowd. Amidst this chaos, the raw energy of Orbit Culture’s music was undeniable, with frontman Niklas Karlsson’s commanding vocals soaring above the tumult, captivating the audience.

What added to the magic of the evening was the sight of a large portion of the crowd headbanging simultaneously, their movements synchronized with the pounding rhythms emanating from the stage. Additionally, they were singing along fervently, their voices blending with Karlsson’s in a chorus of shared passion. The excitement was palpable as fans were swept away by the energy of the music. For Orbit Culture, this is just another step in their rapid ascent to the top of the metal world. With their amazing music, uncompromising approach and captivating live performances, they continue to prove why they are quickly gaining recognition as a force to be reckoned with.

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Photo of 2 members of the band Skálmöld on the left and some adience members on the right bottom with a pinkish light in the background. One of the band members has their arm raised, fingers wide in the air while singing

Skálmöld has made regular stops in Belgium on their tours over the years, both on big and small stages and we love to see them coming. This was their first performance at the DVG Club in Kortrijk since the move and revival of the venue. Located on a former industrial site and not that easy to find for first time visitors (follow the rainbow road!), the venue was nevertheless packed for the night.

The Icelandic viking metallers brought support from across the pond on this tour, with Atavistia from Vancouver, Canada and Seven Spires from Boston, USA. Atavistia kicked off with speedy riffs, screams, and a clear determined attitude not to be held back just because they were the first band of the night, pumping their energy into the room. Seven Spires followed to rile up the crowd up to the first small pit of the night. Frontwoman Adrienne Cowan showed impressive range from feral screams to soft ballads and powerful clean vocals, excellently combined with the versatile style changes from her fellow band members.

By the time Skálmöld took the stage, the place was full and hot. The stage set for what Björgvin Sigurðsson aptly described as “A real old school punk rock party”. There was moshing, there was singing along, lots of sweat and overall much enjoyment to be had. Skálmöld were clearly having fun on stage, which always makes for the best shows in my opinion. Their consistent quality, wall of sound and the fact that all members of the band sing continues to impress. Skál!

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Another night of madness at the Backstage in Munich to welcome Australians Polaris. Paledusk open the show. Charged with enviable energy, the Japanese unloaded everything on stage and the audience loved it. Australians Thornhill were the second act. With a slightly slower pace than their predecessors, they managed to capture everyone’s attention with their more drawn-out songs, longer, more hypnotic guitar riffs and more melodic vocals. The third act of the night, veins of the USA. Silent Planet mix electronica with heavy sounds and do it all impeccably, with the presence and power of Garrett Russell, the band’s lead singer, standing out. Polaris are a phenomenon from across the ocean. The friendliness, strength and interactivity of this band with the audience that loves them is incredible to witness. The band shows that they are overcoming last year’s devastating loss every day and released the excellent new album “Fatalism” last year. It feels so good to see a band that gives so much of themselves on stage, thank you!


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Hello and welcome back to another photo report of some of the most earth-shattering, ear drum bursting, metal greats in a line-up suited for the great halls of Valhalla. Cattle Decapitation came, hatchets wielded, to another sold out venue. This time coming to destroy Red’s Bar at Northumbria University’s Students Union. The hype on social media was real and with four bands on the roster, the students union’s ceiling strength was sure to be tested.

First up on the bill was Vomit Fourth, a band with so much self hype they did not fail to get the crowd warmed up. Followed by 200 stab wounds, a band which had ferocious, thrash metal like vibes on stage, the crowd was (download festival quote) sufficiently sweaty right about now. Then came the one, the only, Signs of the Swarm. Being a fellow deathcore fan and having the same record label as one of my favourites I was crying like a child on Christmas Day. I could not believe the pure projection of vocals mixed with planet busting instrumentals, to which I struggled to take pictures without having a little mosh of my own!
For the final boss at the black gate, we have the mighty Cattle Decapitation. A band which I honestly haven’t had a lot of experience with have opened my eyes to the wealth of experience and precision that they have gathered over the years. I can say that I now have a new favourite on Spotify. Speaking of which, why don’t you guys go and listen to these bands on your favourite streaming site and have a look at the photos below to immerse yourselves!