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A few months ago when I got to listen to the promos, I was immediately convinced Tomb Mold‘s “Manor Of Infinite Forms” will become one of the best releases of the year. The album was tracked in Toronto and later landed in the hands of Arthur Rizk (Cavalera Conspiracy, Inquisition, Power Trip). Guitarist Derrick Vella was kind enough to answer my questions. I highly recommend this album to everyone who’s a fan of bands like Demilich, Chthe’ilist, early-Sentenced, Demigod, Timeghoul, Gorguts, Adramelech and Convulse.

Hi, how are you doing? The sophomore Tomb Mold album, Manor of Infinite Forms, will be out in two weeks. Can you tell our readers a little more about it? Many people seem to have high expectations since the demos and the first full-length, Primordial Malignity.
Hello! This record continues to build off The Moulting demo that we released a year or so ago. Our other most recent demo, Cryptic Transmissions worked as a sort of promo for this record but The Moulting represented a bit of a stylistic shift. We started feeling comfortable enough to start writing whatever we want. Compared to Primordial Malignity, these songs are longer, a little more twisted but they still deliver. Lots of crushing sections, lots of headbanging.

I see many pictures of you with 4 guys showing up everywhere. Does this mean you added two other people to the line-up?
Yes we’ve been a quartet for over a year now. Payson and Steve, our newer members were on the Cryptic Transmissions tape and they’re on the LP as well. Payson and I share leads and Steve delivers on the bass.

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What made you decide to work with Arthur Rizk?
I’ve always liked his work, but hearing the Pissgrave LP really made us take note. It just felt so complete in it’s vision, and we felt working with him would help complete the picture that we had in our minds.

He was such a pleasure to work with. Quick, professional and basically nailed it on the first pass.

The first album was released via Blood Harvest, now for the sophomore you signed with 20 Buck Spin. How is it to work with them?
Working with 20 Buck Spin has been top notch. Dave is solid, reliable, professional, but more than that he’s a friend now. He has an eye for quality, and I’ve always admired his label greatly.

What made you want to play death metal? Who were some of your early influences?
I got into Death Metal in high school through faster, grindy bands like Terrorizer, Infest, and some of the earlier Death Metal stuff (first Death record etc). It wasn’t until I heard bands like Demigod and Morpheus Descends that I realized how good the genre can be. Truthfully we like playing music in general, but Death Metal allows you to be imaginative in ways other genres don’t. That’s what appealed us to it.

What releases from this or last year do you like?
I’ll stretch this over the last 12 months or so but Desolate Endscape by Phrenelith beat everything out of the water. The new Of Feather and Bone album is incredible as well.
Other things include:
Desolate EndscapeExlimitirIt Weighed Itself in Silver
GhastlyDeath Velour
Grave Upheaval – II
SuperstitionSurging Throng of Evil’s Might
OssuariumCalcified Trophies of Violence

How do you experience the community in Canada/Toronto?
Canada is very spread out and there is a lot of distance between major cities. It is not as immediately tight knit as I imagine other places to be. That said, Toronto is a thriving city, especially the punk scene. Lots of spirit.

I saw you have some upcoming shows in North-America. Are you planning on coming to Europe soon?
Hopefully next year!


Thank you for your time! Anything you would still like to add?
Thanks so much for the questions!