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Canadian death metallers announces the new full-length album ‘The Enduring Spirit’, to be released via 20 Buck Spin!

Album Reviews

Fourth chapter, “The Enduring Spirit” of Toronto-based death metal outfit Tomb Mold offers a spectacular mix of technical/progressive elements in such a visceral and unforgotten performance. Out now digitally via 20 Buck Spin and physically next month!

Faceless Burial interfaces with the obsolete methods of old school death metal.

Cosmic Putrefaction is somewhere in between the cosmic orbits of Tomb Mold’s album, ‘Manor of Infinite Forms’ and the semi-progression of Blood Incantation.

Warp Chamber bends time and space and manages to weave a monstrous death metal album.

Blood Incantation have definitely created one of the best albums of 2019. ‘Hidden History of the Human Race’ is laden with heavy and proggy death metal riffs, which are testament to the band’s prowess as tech death masters.

It may take a few attempts for a band to reach to a certain level of competence but I can say that Witch Vomit has perfected their sound on the sophomore release.

Tomb Mold seems to venture into the darker sphere of morbidity and it somehow feels that the new tracks show a propensity towards the slow mid-pacing death metal style.

“Steeping Corporeal Mess” will have you all hooked by the nifty riffs and slow tempos, there are a lot of elements which Fetid seems to be influenced by Undergang.

Ossuarium’s “Living Tomb” is an album that lives up to the hype. And can surely withstand the erosion of time and space, I would proudly place this album right beside Disma’s debut album “Towards the Megalith”.


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