A good week ago at Rockfest 2023, shortly before his set at the festival, we met up with Finnish rock ‘n’ roll icon Michael Monroe, where he talked candidly about meeting Vince Neil for the first time, reconnecting with Nikki Sixx, an upcoming Michael Monroe album, the documentary about his life that is coming really soon now, the recent Lords Of The New Church reunion show and more!

A talk with the guys of Balance Breach about their new album ‘ABYZMAL’ (released on May 26 via Out of Line Music), and how they really stepped up their game by allowing the songs to dictate what direction they were taking it!

We talked with Angstskríg about their second album, how they feel black metal has lost its touch with its core essence and how they’re looking to renew some of that rebellious side, laughingly calling themselves the new Satan. We also talked about their upcoming 2nd show ever, which is this exact weekend in Helsinki, Finland at the #Horizon23 event!

Xavier Baecke took GRIMM to Tommy Johansson. Not only Sabaton’s lead guitarist, but also the founder, vocalist, and guitarist of Majestica, Sweden’s national karaoke champion, Youtuber and just one of the best guitarists in power metal. We talked about his main influences for his guitar play, his hot take on if Sabaton is power metal or not, and a possible little peek at future projects. The dream for any reporter with a warm heart for (power) metal.

A chat with Mr. Lordi about the new Lordi album ‘Screem Writers Guild’ (out since March 31st via Atomic Fire Records), how he was inspired by the “Universal Monsters”, a couple of things he did differently for this album and how the process was to get to their new looks. He also gives us a brief update about a translation of his recently released monster of a book about everything Lordi!

A chat with Jaakko and Niko from Marianas Rest about their new album ‘Auer’, set for release via Napalm Records on March 24, and how they’ve tried some new things with their music without losing the band’s soul, by having the courage to follow where the songs were taking them, bringing in clean vocals and a guest vocalist for the first time.

A chat with Pressure Points about how they’re happy with the new line-up of the band and their brand-new album ‘The Island’, released on Art Gates Records last Friday. Make sure you catch them live at one of their future dates, like for instance the Kaamos Cruise in September!

A talk with Niilo and Ville of Insomnium about their new album ‘Anno 1696’, how the short story it’s based on was specially written by Niilo for the album, how much they love putting together special editions and a kind of whole experience for their fans and how they got Johanna Kurkela and Sakis Tolis to join them on some tracks!

A talk with Joonas and Ben from Oceanhoarse about the new album ‘Heads Will Roll’ and how their state of mind was different with the recording of this one, trying to get a more raw and dirty sound to take it even closer to a live feeling than before!

A chat with Johannes from Avatar on the new album ‘Dance Devil Dance’ on why this is the best album of them as of yet, how they did things somewhat different and tried to approach everything in such a way that they thought people could dance to even blast beats and why now was the time for them to self-release the album.