Interview Oceanhoarse – “Our state of mind with this one was different, we wanted something more raw and dirtier, even closer to the live feel than before.”

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For the past over half a decade, Oceanhoarse has been one of the forerunners of the so-called “New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal” with the way they approach both writing music and performing live. Only a couple of years ago they finally released their debut full-length ‘Dead Reckoning’ after 5 years of relentlessly fine-tuning their sound, and now they are already back with the follow-up ‘Heads Will Roll’. Time to sit down with vocalist Joonas Kosonen and guitarist Ben Varon to have a chat about the album.

When catching up with Joonas and Ben, we have a short chat about the fact that 2022 was a pretty good year for Oceanhoarse considering touring and the victory that was Hoarsefest that finally took place. But about ‘Heads Will Roll‘: they see the album title as somewhat of a statement to the world that with the new slab of heavy metal they will kick some serious ass. Compared to the debut full-length, there’s still the same kind of flow to give you that live feeling, even though this time there’s maybe not the same amount of instrumental solo tracks like a bass solo. The writing and recording of this album went pretty much the same as before, with some of the songs already almost done when they recorded and released the first album. But Ben was saying that he’s looking to do something fresh considering the writing of a next album. Because they feel that they’ve gotten out of this iteration of Oceanhoarse what they could get and are looking forward where they could take it further.

The one thing that was sort of different with ‘Heads Will Roll‘, was the state of mind of Oceanhoarse. Compared to their debut album, they wanted to get the sound even more raw and dirty, to get even closer to the live feeling than ever before. And that way they feel they’ve pushed themselves further than before with the music and vocals. It also took them to extremes where they have some of their heaviest, but also some of their most melodic, softer parts, creating an interesting contrast and diversity within the Oceanhoarse signature sound. About that signature sound they go into how weird the descriptions have been that they got from publications and in reviews, going from progressive to metalcore and even 3 Doors Down. The album cover is also yet again a “Varon family project”, where 3 generations of Varon have contributed to the artwork with Ben’s dad having taken the picture, Ben and his brother having designed the concept, his brother the mask and Ben‘s son holding the mask.

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