What to do @ GF2018?

    Where to go and what to do during Gentse Feesten if you're looking for something heavy and alternative? We listed it up for you!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Interview with Razernij festival

    We at GRIMM in general and Pick Your Poison specifically can enjoy a good beer (or two, or three,…) and we love a good (un)healthy dose of rock, punk and metal. So...

    PICK YOUR POISON: No Science’s Stoner Witch & Noisy Pale Ale

    We met the person behind brewery No Science Brasserie and tasted a few of their creations while chatting with them!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Turbowarrior of Steel’s Crossover Partybeer

    A crossover partythrash band that thrives on alcohol without a band beer? Not possible! So here is Turbowarrior of Steel's "Crossover Partybeer"...

    PICK YOUR POISON: No Science’s Heavy Porter

    No Science has a love for heavy music and this shines through in their "Heavy Porter"!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Laugar & Austmann’s Thriller

    We got really "thrilled" by the Laugar and Austmann collab brew inspired by the king of pop Michael Jackson!

    Music & beer festival Razernij (Rumst) comes with first names

    The first band announcement and brewery for the beer & music festival Razernij!

    Rotting Christ & Carach Angren (Biebob)

    Black and death metal all the way, from 3 different regions in Europe with Rotting Christ, Carach Angren and Svart Crown!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Bliksem’s Rye The Lightning

    Strap yourselves to your electric chair and get ready to ride the lightning with the boys from Brouwerij Bliksem from the Netherlands and their rye session IPA!

    PICK YOUR POISON: No Science’s Psycho Table Beer

    A no-nonsense beer from the no-nonsense Brussels brewery No Science, let's get "Psycho"!!!