C’kes’ Albums of the Year 2017

    2017 seems to be the year one-man projects had the biggest impact on C'kes listening habits!

    Lacuna Coil & Cellar Darling (Moonlight Music Hall)

    Lacuna Coil brought Cellar Darling and a touch of Christmas spirit to Belgium and we were there!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Motorhead Shiraz 2011

    A flavorful and smooth red wine by one of the biggest rock 'n' roll bands ever!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Mötorhead’s Röad Crew

    Yet another brew inspired by one of the biggest heavy metal and rock 'n' roll bands in the history of heavy music!

    GRIMM and Chill: Málmhaus (Metalhead)

    A movie about dealing with loss and teenage angst through our beloved metal music...

    PICK YOUR POISON: Midgardsblot’s Midgard Ale

    A very unique and complex beer coming from a unique Viking recipe, tasted by us in a similarly unique setting at Midgardsblot!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Interview with Frank Allain (Fen)

    A very interesting talk with Frank about his love for (Belgian) beer, the search for good bars wherever they play and the metal beer trend!

    5 Shades of Black (Kavka)

    We're taking you with us on a trip to a totally different plane field with 5 bands of the highest quality atmospheric black metal...

    PICK YOUR POISON: Iron Maiden’s Trooper

    A simple, but decent beer rooted in tradition that came as a result from a collaboration between heavy metal legends and a historical beer brewing company!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Clouds’ Drown Your Sorrow

    International funeral doom band meets Belgian respected brewery. A surprising collaboration between Clouds and brewery De Glazen Toren!