We went for the challenge to get our own beer made and the result was interesting!

    What to do @ GF2018?

    Where to go and what to do during Gentse Feesten if you're looking for something heavy and alternative? We listed it up for you!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Interview with Razernij festival

    We at GRIMM in general and Pick Your Poison specifically can enjoy a good beer (or two, or three,…) and we love a good (un)healthy dose of rock, punk and metal. So...

    PICK YOUR POISON: No Science’s Stoner Witch & Noisy Pale Ale

    We met the person behind brewery No Science Brasserie and tasted a few of their creations while chatting with them!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Turbowarrior of Steel’s Crossover Partybeer

    A crossover partythrash band that thrives on alcohol without a band beer? Not possible! So here is Turbowarrior of Steel's "Crossover Partybeer"...

    PICK YOUR POISON: No Science’s Heavy Porter

    No Science has a love for heavy music and this shines through in their "Heavy Porter"!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Laugar & Austmann’s Thriller

    We got really "thrilled" by the Laugar and Austmann collab brew inspired by the king of pop Michael Jackson!

    Music & beer festival Razernij (Rumst) comes with first names

    The first band announcement and brewery for the beer & music festival Razernij!

    Rotting Christ & Carach Angren (Biebob)

    Black and death metal all the way, from 3 different regions in Europe with Rotting Christ, Carach Angren and Svart Crown!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Bliksem’s Rye The Lightning

    Strap yourselves to your electric chair and get ready to ride the lightning with the boys from Brouwerij Bliksem from the Netherlands and their rye session IPA!