‘Until death do us part’ – The Oli Herbert case.

Right! So, where do we start? Oli Herbert’s recent passing has come as a shock to all of us. According to, Phil Labonte, Oli’s bandmate in All That Remains,

“He (Oli) didn’t do drugs. He didn’t drink a lot (of alcohol). He’d smoke pot once in a while, but that was the extent of it.”

This pretty much rules out any speculations of an overdose. So what did cause Oli’s unexpected death and who is responsible?

To figure that out, we first need to unravel more information. Was it an accident, or foul play? How did he die? What happened surrounding the time of his passing? And perhaps even more importantly; What has happened after his passing?

Oli’s passing:

According to TMZ, the police were dispatched to Oli’s home after someone reported him missing in the afternoon on October 16th. Cops searched the area and found Oli’s body in a nearby pond. A clear cause of death was not given.

After Oli’s passing:

It didn’t take long for a group of close friends of Oli to start doubting the news. They started a Facebook group demanding justice for Oli. They currently wish to remain anonymous, but claim to have a history with Oli. They are confident that Oli’s death was not simply an accident, strongly believe that foul play played a part in this case and refuse to let their presumed suspect get away with it. They believe Elizabeth Jane, Oli’s now widowed wife, is the prime suspect and have started gathering and saving up any information they fear might be removed as part of an attempt to cover up possible incriminating evidence. As a matter of fact, they have been saving up screenshots for an even longer time as they knew just how malicious Elizabeth was and how she had a habit of deleting posts after realizing she put herself in a bad light.

Below, we’ll take a look at many different pieces of evidence gathered and put them into context.

What makes Elizabeth a suspect?

Where do we begin? There’s just so much ground to cover! Let’s begin with some solid facts and background story.

Oli Herbert was in the process of getting a divorce.

Apparently, Oli’s relationship with Elizabeth was rather volatile. People who knew Oli personally can confirm that Elizabeth showed various signs of a narcissistic, psychopathic sociopath. She would get jealous for the slightest things and wouldn’t think twice before accusing anyone of anything, fabricating false ‘evidence’ to prove her point to convince those gullible enough to believe her.

Elizabeth’s jealousy and habit to accuse without proof are traits she’s carried with her for a long time already.

a snippet of a conversation between Oli and one of his friends

She was very controlling in her ways and always on top of things.

On multiple occasions, she physically claimed Oli’s phone for periods of time, going through chats and deleting/blocking whomever she didn’t approve of. In certain occasions that lead to close friends getting blocked or Oli simply ‘not receiving’ certain messages. As a result of this, Oli has used burner phones in the past that he could access if his primary phone was suddenly “lost” and magically “found” by his wife a good while later.

Below are some examples that show how Elizabeth controlled Oli by keeping a regular dictatorship on his phone.

notice how Oli describes being sick when he was at home (with his wife, as she took his phone) and everything being ‘a black cloud’. Coincidence?

Elizabeth’s habits of taking Oli’s phone and fiddling around with it were well known within Oli’s circles

Besides that, Elizabeth even went as far as to use Oli’s phone to threaten or harass people purely out of jealousy, even when the messages she replies to are purely platonic.

Elizabeth even went as far as to use Oli’s Facebook after his death to threaten the Justice For Oli group.

An email dating all the way back to the end of 2015, sent to Oli

Elizabeth responds to the mail sent to Oli with a severe and undeserved outlash.

Elizabeth became best friends with a mentally unstable stalker of Oli’s past.

Especially given the previous fact, it seems impossible that Elizabeth could ever become best friends with someone who’s had even the slightest of a backstory with Oli, let alone tolerate them. Yet somehow, that is exactly what happened with Wendy Skriver. Wendy was known as Oli’s stalker. She would show up at places Oli was at and even ended up crying and making a scene in public because she felt like she wasn’t getting the attention she desperately longed for. This occurred on March 31st of 2018 at the Hard Rock Cafe Foxwoods when L.A.Y.N.E. organised a video release party. roughly 300 people attended. Wendy‘s meltdown was very public. Everyone saw it.

Somehow she became best friends with Elizabeth. Elizabeth even showed up at Wendy’s daughter’s graduation. Now, I’m not claiming there’s a specific reason how or why the two got along so well, but Wendy is a mother and has two careers going (this statement is backed by a screenshot of Wendy’s comment later on in the article), so her past public meltdown and behavior may have been a clue to Elizabeth that Wendy could be more susceptible to manipulation and perhaps even be in possession of prescription drugs to treat her meltdown or otherwise bring her mind to rest from potential burn-out stress.

Elizabeth attended Wendy Skriver’s daughter’s graduation

Strange posts around the day of Oli’s passing.

Reportedly, Oli had planned to go to a friend’s house for a movie night on the 15th and had texted them at midday to ask if the movie plans were still on. Later that afternoon a text was sent from Oli’s phone saying “I feel like shit. I’m going to stay home and rest”. It is not clear whether this message was actually sent by Oli or Elizabeth as it could have been either one at this point. The following day, Elizabeth posted two very peculiar messages on her Facebook wall. In addition to the posts themselves, Elizabeth also said she had to “make a phone call to somebody she shouldn’t have yet”. The exact meaning of this remains speculation, but Elizabeth was obviously trying to keep things on a down low.

Two suspicious posts the day Oli was found dead at a pond.

Elizabeth explains she had to call somebody earlier than she should have… Why so secretive? Hiding something?

Besides that, the very morning after, Elizabeth posted a picture of the pond in which Oli was reportedly found dead later that afternoon. She added she was “feeling blessed” to it. While that on itself may not seem too suspicious, it’s important to take other evidence into account. Recently (according to a now-removed post by Elizabeth), Toxicology reports were finished and Elizabeth shared that Oli had died of drowning and had traces of antidepressants and sleep-aid in his body. When someone asked how he ended up in the pond, she responded by saying that Oli was restless and kept wanting to go outside. She claimed the area around the pond was very slippery and that it was raining that evening (which, according to the weather forecasts, has been deemed to be incorrect). Elizabeth ended her response by stating Oli left the house while she slept which is why she couldn’t stop him and bring him back inside, cleverly trying to prove her innocence (Which might have worked, if it wasn’t for the fact that there have already been various (also deleted) different, inconsistent stories regarding the ‘how it happened’ question).

This was posted on the morning of Oli‘s disappearance and it puts Elizabeth at the scene of the crime. For all we know, this could have been posted minutes before or after Oli‘s death.

Elizabeth gives a rather wonky and illogical explanation as to how Oli ended up in the pond, clearly using the opportunity to create an alibi for herself.

But if the above story is true, then why was she feeling blessed the very morning after? Fully knowing her husband had been behaving this strange and showing such reckless behavior? Was she not worried about Oli’s whereabouts as soon as she woke up to check if he was okay before posting the status? Did she not see her husband when she went to take that picture? Or was Oli actually not in the pond yet (thus proving her story was false once again)? Many questions are raised. None are answered… unless “she lies” is an acceptable answer.

Which brings us to the following:

 If anybody has any critical questions regarding the whole situation and posts them on Oli Herbert’s ‘official’ fanpage, chances are, the questions will be removed within minutes and whoever posted it will be blocked from posting again. The entire fanpage is merely a façade. Go have a look. There are no posts or comments that ponder about Oli’s death, how it happened, who or what caused it. Nothing too specific anyway, unless it provides an opportunity for Elizabeth to fabricate an alibi or otherwise draw any unwanted attention away from herself. Pretty much the only comments that aren’t removed are condolences. Why? It seems Elizabeth wants to keep speculations and investigations to a minimum, which apparently means actively silencing everyone that’s drawing too much attention.

When the word spread, a statement was released stating an accident had occurred on their property resulting in Oli’s death and that the police did not suspect foul play to be at hand. A statement that was shared plenty of times by countless media networks who blindly ran with the story. The very same happened with the toxicology report. Both statements spread by Elizabeth and subsequently removed after the media networks went with the story, solidifying her lies.

Stages of grief, anyone?

Now, I’m no expert on the Kübler-Ross grief cycle, but those who do, will know that Elizabeth is not following any kind of logical pattern within this cycle. For someone who’s just lost her husband, she does not appear to be grieving. The only stages of this cycle she’s ‘inhabiting’, are anger and acceptance. Anger towards all of Oli’s friends. And Acceptance towards Oli’s death. Well… and Denial of her involvement, but that’s not what the denial phase is supposed to be about. It seems as if Elizabeth is simply not capable of grieving. Is she truly that heartless, or is there more at hand?

Because, when it comes to identifying Elizabeth’s recent behavior, it seems to better fit Lenore E. Walker’s cycle of abuse. For many months, if not years, tension has been building. It leads to many incidents including (but not limited to) verbal abuse, anger, blaming, threats and intimidation towards Oli and his friends with the final presumed ‘incident’ being the reason why I’m writing this article. Incidents lead to reconciliation: Elizabeth attempts to ‘apologize’ by diverting blame away from herself, making up excuses or simply denying that any of the incidents at question have occurred. And the final step: ‘Calm’. The abuser covers up any traces and buries the incident. Makes it seem like it never happened and moves on. A cycle that seems to be followed to the very letter by Elizabeth, the perhaps not so grieving widow.

Lenore E. Walker‘s Cycle of Abuse. Notice how Elizabeth‘s behavior fits pretty much perfectly into this cycle?

Innocent people have nothing to hide

When I started writing this article and started digging into all the evidence, Elizabeth’s profile had plenty of posts on her wall, you could send her a friend request, she had photos and friends all publicly available. Then there came a time her Facebook was deactivated. A day later it came back online. I reached out to inform her I was writing an article about the passing of her late husband and had seen the incriminating rumors that had been going around, to which I offered her the opportunity to address any accusations and/or rumors and tell her side of the story. I offered her that opportunity regardless of whether or not I believed her, because that’s simply how honest, proper journalism works. You can’t just silence one side of the story just because you don’t like it.

However, Elizabeth has not responded as she has evidently been too busy with other things… things like making her profile A LOT more private. She deactivated her Facebook again for another two days or so, only to emerge like a newborn. The only two posts left public on her wall are her past Facebook fundraisers. Everything else has been deleted and/or made private. Was this done solely to stop people from questioning her or commenting hateful things on her posts? No. Because if that was the only issue, she could have simply removed the option for strangers to comment on her posts (which she ALSO did). All she has done with this action is draw more suspicion to herself.

Imagine the following: You’re an accountant and you have to check the bookkeeping of a company. You go through the transaction history and at first sight, it seems okay. Suddenly you notice that some transaction information has gone missing so you go to confront the manager. On your way to the manager, you see him rushing towards an active paper shredder that’s shredding all kinds of paper riddled in financial numbers. Would that not be suspicious?

Elizabeth‘s current Facebook profile looks almost like it was only created yesterday. Apart from her past fundraisers, her profile has gone entirely dark.

‘Guilt by association’

Remember Wendy Skriver, Oli’s stalker that turned into his wife’s best friend? She plays a bigger part in this story than ‘simply’ being an out of place friendship.

Wendy stated in a comment that she was not in possession of any medications that were found in Oli’s system according to the (fake) toxicology report. She added that she had “absolutely nothing to do with this except being accused of guilt by association”. Either Wendy was truly deceived and manipulated by Elizabeth, or she was in on this. Why? There are a few things that tie Wendy to the possible crime.

Wendy claims she has “absolutely nothing” to do with Oli‘s death

A few weeks prior to Oli’s death, Wendy helped Elizabeth clear a path from their house to the pond. An ambitious procedure that wasn’t exactly ‘light’ work. According to Elizabeth’s post, after this procedure, she now has a path towards the pond and has sight on the pond from her bedroom window. Although this part may seem a bit far-fetched, we believe it is one of many pieces of the puzzle.

Elizabeth thanks Wendy for her help clearing a path to the pond, the very pond Oli‘s body was found in.

Fast forward to precisely one week before Oli’s death. What happened on that day? Apparently, Oli signed a new will. In accordance with the law, a notary needs to be confident that the testator is competent, meaning they have to be in good mental health and understand the meaning of their actions. The notary should refuse to perform any notarial act for a person who is clearly incompetent. So why is this important? The notary to Oli’s will was none other than Wendy Skriver herself. In her “I’m only being accused of guilt by association” comment, she also states she ‘saw’ Oli and Elizabeth a week before his passing and added “All I can tell you, from my own eyes, was he was not well and could barely stand steady”, Though in her comment she hid the fact she acted as a notary on Oli’s new will the day she saw them (for obvious reasons), however, it’s not that difficult to connect the dots. She performed a notarial act while acknowledging her testator was NOT competent at the time. It makes you wonder, what exactly was declared in that will?

The will, seemingly signed by Oli. Wendy Skriver signed as notary.

Besides that, it’s also worth mentioning that on the very day of Oli’s death, both Elizabeth and Wendy were present at the scene of the crime when the cops arrived to investigate Oli’s reported disappearance. So I wouldn’t quite say that Wendy has “absolutely nothing to do with this”.

Wendy claims Oli did her wrong and that Elizabeth and her bonded over that. Makes you wonder what kind of help Wendy is referring to.

It’s all in the little things

Not long before his death, Elizabeth had arranged a life insurance for Oli. Which is quite strange considering that the couple was getting a divorce and Oli was a rather healthy man. It’s almost as if she had suspected something would happen to Oli and she would be able to cash in on it. Shortly after Oli’s death she openly attacked one of Oli’s best friends, Drew Johnston. Elizabeth told everyone not to believe him, that he’s full of shit and a fraud. She then used her deceased husband’s Facebook account to share the post in an attempt to further defame Drew, knowing fully well that he knew the ins and outs of Oli’s life and the abusive relationship Oli had to endure. She probably expected people to blindly believe her if it was also shared through Oli’s account. But a very strong, opposite reaction happened. Anyone who knew Oli, knew Drew was a very close friend. One could even say they were blood brothers. Bound together by loyalty and respect for one another. Elizabeth’s preemptive attack was out of fear. And rightfully so, as Drew, among others, have taken the fight back to her, gathering evidence and aiming to deliver justice for their fallen friend.

Elizabeth preemptively attacking and wrongfully defaming Drew Johnston in an attempt to silence him, shared by Elizabeth through her husband’s Facebook after his death.

Anyone who truly knew Oli, knew Drew was not a fraud or a liar. Oli never got around to telling Drew he was listed on the album booklet’s special thanks section…

Returning to my earlier statement of Elizabeth trying to cash in on the recently acquired life insurance on Oli, did you know she was selling his guitars (even without Oli’s knowledge or consent)? Did you know that instead of changing Oli’s website into something to commemorate him by, she instead put Oli’s website up for sale the very day the public statement of his death was released? Or how about when she announced that the public memorial service would be open to donations and a raffle to win some of Oli’s stuff? A few days before that public memorial service she cancelled it, but you could still donate!

Not even Oli‘s website survived…

Apart from the odd behavior concerning money, it was also rather suspicious how she announced the toxicology report. Everything about the way she announced the results made it seem like she was celebrating her ‘innocence’ more than anything else. Does being reminded of such a devastating event really make for a good morning?

“It indeed IS a good morning”. Everything about this is giving off red flags.

The couple also used to have a dog. A corgi by the name of Harsani. A little over a month before Oli died, Harsani started showing signs of illness. A little over a week later, Harsani mysteriously and suddenly died. Harsani was never taken to the vet and Elizabeth had him cremated before any research could even be done regarding Harsani’s cause of death. Any idea where Oli went after his trip to the coroner? Let’s just say that it’s a good thing they took samples…

In conclusion

Looking back at the questions asked in the beginning of the article, we’ve learned the following based off of reliable evidence in the public domain:

What caused Oli’s unexpected death?
Though an official toxicology report has yet to be released; It is likely Oli was drugged or poisoned and/or forcefully drowned. Based on multiple reports, Oli was feeling rather ill in his last known moments and it seemed that his illness only surfaced during the time he spent with Elizabeth.

Who is responsible?
Based off of many indications, it seems very likely that Elizabeth Jane is responsible. If that ends up being the case, Wendy Skriver appears to be an accomplice in Oli’s death and various events leading up to it.

Accident or foul play?
I strongly believe that foul play was involved in Oli’s death, contrary to the claims Elizabeth herself tried to massively spread to various news distributors before any unbiased sources could bring out a real report.

What happened around the time of and after Oli’s passing?
Before Oli’s passing, Elizabeth had been selling his guitars, acquired a life insurance for him and had him sign a will.

After Oli’s passing, Elizabeth preemptively attacked and tried to defame one of Oli’s best friends in an attempt to silence the truth. She also immediately took down Oli’s website and put it up for sale. Other than that, she has been actively fabricating fake news to ‘prove’ her innocence whilst silencing, blocking and threatening anyone that dared to question her.

With evidence continuously being revealed, people are slowly starting to see through Elizabeth’s lies and joining forces on the Justice For Oli Facebook page. Even other musicians are starting to speak up, throwing their credibility on the line to defend Oli and give him the justice he deserves. You know who you are and we thank you from the depths of our hearts for standing up for Oli!

Final words:

When you read this article, and you look at all the pieces of the puzzle, you’ll notice that there are still some pieces missing. Some pieces may even be from a different puzzle. That’s because this article was written DURING the ongoing case. This article was written to bring justice to light and to help the general public to understand the backstory of Oli’s death, to educate them and to make sure that from now on, people will see through Elizabeth’s lies. Though not all of the puzzle pieces are available to the public (yet), there’s already plenty of substantiated evidence available to get the gist of the situation.

Justice will be served in due time.

20 replies
  1. Betsy Parker
    Betsy Parker says:

    You know the property was being foreclosed on? Had gone thru all the legal proceedings and everything.

    • Vaim
      Vaim says:

      Our writer did know that, he just didn’t find the right way to fit it in the story without sounding like a conspiracy nut as some have been calling people supporting this theory 😉

  2. Kelly Guarnieri
    Kelly Guarnieri says:

    Thank you so much for this article – I hope it brings more attention to the fight for justice for Oli..

  3. JB
    JB says:

    It seems to me that the wife and the stalker bonded over their mutual hatred for Oli.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the wife exploited the stalker’s mental issues, maybe tried to set her up as the murderer. All she had to do was invite her over, get her to help with yard work around the pond so that the stalker’s DNA IS AROUND THE POND, then when the death gets viewed as suspicious she can point the finger at the stalker.

    • Timothy Janssen
      Timothy Janssen says:

      There’s simply too much evidence pointing towards the wife. She has been very sloppy at covering her tracks, to say the least. She has been pointing fingers since day 1, but it won’t save her ass.

  4. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Disagree with the insinuation that she killed the dog. She loved that dog more than anything or anyone. For all we know, its death could have been the trigger for the rest.

    • Timothy Janssen
      Timothy Janssen says:

      Though I agree it might have been coincidental, as the dog was already relatively old, they had a second dog which also died within weeks after the first one died. I’m not saying she killed the dogs, but it does all seem a bit too coincidental to just leave out of the picture. The deaths of the dogs and Oli are within such a close timeframe, it’s impossible to say it’s completely unrelated.

    • Timothy Janssen
      Timothy Janssen says:

      No, “Erock”. It was written by a Business and Marketing bachelor (one of many educational routes that specializes in doing research). It’s kind of in the one sentence summary on my author page. You’d have known that with 10 seconds of research. Sorry to hear this question was written by a first grader. Maybe ask your parents next time if you’re even allowed to go on the internet and talk to strangers. Maybe they’ll answer your silly little redundant questions before you have to type them. Have a nice day 🙂

  5. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    First of all, thank you for writing such a detailed account of facts which surround this case. It is very disturbing to see how someone can can get away with Murder. Since this investigation is on going, Justice will be served when the police are ready to move forward.

    Again, thank you for doing your research and sharing the evidence on Oli’s death. He and his beloved friends deserve the truth to be told and the persistence of the people who truly care and loved him will prevail!

    God bless Oli, his family and friends who love him.

    I hope you continue to write about Oli’s death. All the time you spent unraveling this case and sharing your views will help the investigation.

    • Timothy Janssen
      Timothy Janssen says:

      Ouch. Late reply, sorry. Sadly I don’t get automated notifications about comments.So it took a little while, but here I am!

      Honestly, doing the research, talking with Oli’s friends and piecing all of this together was an amazing experience. I’m glad I was able to do my part and help bring the news to the public while other news sites were too afraid to speak up or too blinded by Elizabeth’s “news” announcements which they’d rather spread.

      Surrounding the days and weeks after I first published the article, I have gained some small but important pieces of information. Sadly it’s all confidential as it’s not public information, So I cannot disclose anything about it without hurting the investigation.

      Let’s hope the police are ready to move forward sooner rather than later! When that time comes, I’ll gladly fact-check those claims and write an update about the case. Oli didn’t deserve to die, but now that he is dead, he deserves to rest in peace. Those who are responsible should be brought to justice, not roam around freely. Oli’s death case is not ‘just another article’ like how so many other ‘news’ sites view it. It’s a moral obligation. Justice deserves to be brought to light.

  6. ForsakenLegion
    ForsakenLegion says:

    Hey Timothy. Here January 2, 2020 reading this. Amazing work having everything laid out like that. Just know that people are still reading this and still thinking of Oli. Wishing you nothing but awesome in 2020.

  7. JC
    JC says:

    It’s scary knowing people like Elizabeth actually exist in our world. My soon to be ex-wife was eerily similar to Oli’s. Reading this gave me flashbacks. She kept me away from my friends and family. Drugged up on some medicine she convinced me I needed. I wasn’t even aware of the things she was doing and saying to my friends. And pretended to be me alot of the time… She had taken out a life insurance policy on me a few weeks before I finally left her… Who knows what might have happened if I’d stayed much longer….
    I hope Elizabeth is arrested soon. Its so obvious she’s responsible. Dateline would have a field day with this case ?

    RIP Mr. Herbert


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