Skogen – Skuggorna kallar

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Skogen was formed in Sweden in 2009 by Matthias and Jocke who were bandmembers in the same group. They first signed with the label Frostscald and soon released their first record called Vittra. To improve their sound they recruited their drummer Linus and guitarist Jonathan. Now with Skuggornan Kallar they released their 5th album with another label called Nordvis Produktion.

The album itself holds 8 songs played in the style of the band. The blackened folk metal is a blend of the raw and dark black metal vocals and guitars with stable melodies and clean vocals. Their music is an homage to nature and to Sweden, their home country.

The band describes the album as a journey through the land and folklore:

Our sonic journey starts at the onset of a Nordic eve, as the sun shines its last reluctant rays on the bleak landscape. Dark omens are foretold by our shrouded companion, or is it Loki, playing with our minds as the frostbite takes hold, numbing our brains and weakening our defences. Finally, the sun’s blood seeps through the seemingly impenetrable fog of pre-dawn grimness and we are arrived at our final destination, beneath the mighty ash -Yggdrasil. Only then do we realize that the gods have indeed played laid down our final card and the funeral rites begin. Valhalla awaits

The first song Det Nordiska Mörkret didn’t start off the album all that well. It is a song that’s constantly falling over the mix of the genres.The moment they get either one of them right they switch and kill the vibe and tempo of the song. With När Solen Bleknar Bort, the second song on the album, they put themselves on the right track again. It starts off strong, it’s like a wild boar storming right towards you and nothing is going to stop it. The heavy black metal vocals and guitar are underlined by a very melodic but timid guitar line that really complete the whole image of the vision of Skogen.

The Omen gives us a bit more space, a resting moment. A short, almost spoken dark intermezzo that really feels like you are sitting down and taking a rest in the middle of the vast, dark woods.

The last song, the funeral, is well chosen to be the closer for the album. An 8 minute long somber song finishing their story. They switch the black metal with somber melodies and some strong guitarwork.

Release date: May 25th, 2018
Label: Nordvis Produktion
1. Det Nordiska Mörkret
2. När Solen Bleknar Bort
3. Nebula
4. Omen
5. Frostland
6. The Suns Blood
7. Beneath the Trees
8. The Funeral


  • Music7/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production7/10
  • artwork9/10
  • originality8/10
7.8A review of the latest album by Skogen. It's a record filled with dark, brooding black metal and sweet, fragile folk melodies. Time to take out your hiking boots and follow them on a journey through the swedish woodlands.