Jonas Deliën

Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

Trident wolf eclipse, the latest album by Watain releases the wild wolf inside you.

Nordheim – RapThor

Go on a trip with Nordheim riding raptors, drinking beer and plundering, what can go wrong ?

Ne Obliviscaris – Urn

Ne obliviscaris spent a few years perfecting their sound but now with "Urn" they are ready to take you on a musical journey.

Párodos – Catharsis

Follow the path set out by Párodos to witness the play of a lifetime.

Dagoba – Black Nova

Dagoba has come a long way since their formation in 1997. They became a standard in the French extreme metal scene and have gathered a strong and solid fan base....

Primal Creation – Demockracy

Belgian Primal Creation came to show what thrash metal is supposed to be about!

Sound Storm – Vertigo

Take a trip with Gabriel along a giant spiraling staircase through a gothic time.

Varg – Götterdämmerung

The wolves are back, time to join the pack or go home with your tail between your legs.


Denver youngsters Havok bring thrash metal with an old school feel that has a righteous spot between the greats of the genre!

Insanity Alert – moshburger

Moshburger is an album just as crazy and funny as the title would suggest, Insanity Alert will leave you with a sore neck.