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We went for the challenge to get our own beer made and the result was interesting!

Suffocation, Profanity and Carrion live at GRIMM's Jeugdhuis Asgaard

Shades Of Black: Suffocation (US) + Profanity (DE) + Carrion (BE)

The almighty Suffocation (New York, USA), Profanity (Germany) and Carrion (Belgium) will destroy Asgaard! Grab this opportunity to see this amazing lineup in Ghent,...

Fabulae Dramatis and BufferState live at Asgaard

Fabulae Dramatis + BufferState at Asgaard

Fabulae Dramatis will bring you a good portion of progressive, avant-garde metal, but not before BufferState starts off the evening with their progressive stoner metal.

Solitude Within live at Asgaard

Solitude Within + False Archetypes at Asgaard

Solitude Within will bring you great symphonic rock music with a beautiful melodic female singing voice, gorgeous melodies, epic choruses, thunderous drums and blazing...

5 Years of GRIMM Gent festivities

5 Years of GRIMM Gent

GRIMM Gent celebrates its 5th birthday in the weekend of 11-13 May 2018! Movienight, live concert, karaoke, GRIMM Top 100, stand-up comedy, barbecue, ... It's all there!...

Our Common Sense and Six O' Five live at Asgaard

Our Common Sense + Six O’ Five at Asgaard

Hardlife Promotion showcase: Our Common Sense and Six O' Five live at Asgaard!

Saints of Los Angeles live at Asgaard

Rock You Lika Cherry Pie: Saints Of Los Angeles (DE) at Asgaard

Saints of Los Angeles (Mötley Crüe tribute band from Germany) live at Asgaard to celebrate GRIMM's president "Lika Bosch" her birthday!

Arkhon Infaustus + Demonomancy (Asgaard)

5 Shades of Black brought blackness and death to Asgaard and we took the pictures...

Reject The Sickness, Nil Miserans, TankrusT and Blow Up live at Asgaard

Headbanger Tour (Reject The Sickness CD Release show) at Asgaard

Headbanger Tour: Reject The Sickness' release show for their latest album, joined by Nil Miserans, TankrusT and Blow Up, all in one night, live at Asgaard!

VONNIS live at Asgaard

VONNIS at Asgaard

VONNIS live at Jeugdhuis Asgaard, to celebrate our the birthday of our editor in chief "Hiëronymous", as well as the birthday of "Wrok". FREE ENTRANCE!