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Sharptooth isn’t holding back with new song “Fuck You Donald Trump”

Sharptooth seems ready to take on anyone in the world with their vicious hardcore!

Like Moths to Flames premiered a video for “Nowhere Left to Sink”

The Colombus band treats us with a very melodic song from their upcoming album with a video!

Twelve Foot Ninja’s “Monsoon” European tour starts this Saturday!

The crazy Australians of Twelve Foot Ninja are on their way to Europe with for the first time ever stops in Eastern Europe!

Crossfaith – Freedom EP

Japanese Crossfaith is back to get you dancing and banging your head at the same time together with some nice guest appearances! I can say only one thing: we want more!

Papa Roach – Crooked Teeth

Papa Roach is back with number 9 "Crooked Teeth", bolstering a mix of old school sound and a foot into the future they'll satisfy the needs of all generations of their...

Hacktivist announces new vocalist

An old collaboration turned into a new piece in the crazy puzzle that is Hacktivist! And they immediately deliver prove of their newly found power with the song "2...

Papa Roach releases new lyric video

Another hit of their upcoming album!