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That's all folks!


A fun chat with our own super heroes Hootsman and Angus McFife!


Skindred already played MetalDays in 2015 and they're back at the top of the bill! We sat down for a chat with singer Benji and bass guitarist Daniel.


Changes with ups and downs but always an 'up' for Painful.

Fleshgod Apocalypse

A chat with Cristiano about being on the road, Italy and being different!

Metaldays 2016: Belgian Invasion

Wat is het plan? Als reactie op de Franse invasie op MetalDays willen we graag Tolmin bestormen met zoveel mogelijk mensen uit België!

Preview Metaldays 2016

GRIMM Gent presents: METALDAYS BELGIAN INVASION 2016 Powered by JEKA – FestivalTrips What’s the idea? We will invade Tolmin with as many Belgian metalheads...

MetalDays Raffle: Win 2 Combi-Tickets!

Win 2 e-tickets for Metaldays in Slovenia!

MetalDays announces “Winter Days of Metal 2017”

MetalDays proudly announces the birth of their new winter festival.