Fjoergyn – Lvcifer es

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Fjoergyn is starting to make a name for themselves on the international scene, considering they are an avant-garde black metal band, this isn’t quite a common thing to do. Fjoergyn‘s previous work has attributed to the rising of their star but Lvcifer es can also be considered as an entity on its own that will further clear the path for the career of these Germans.

When you compare Lvcifer es with the previous album Monument Ende you can obviously hear that Fjoergyn has returned more to the core of extreme metal and plays a more heavy and straight forward style of extreme metal. The classical music is still very present in the music but it is more subtly interwoven within the compositions which gives each song a more traditional metal feeling. In contrast to Monument Ende there isn’t a single fully classical song anymore on this record.

The fact that Fjoergyn is attracting the attention of an ever growing international fan base can mostly be attributed to the fact that they play very solid and technical. Extreme metal can be very chaotic, dissonant and filthy, this is not necessarily a bad quality but it makes that a lot of people don’t appreciate this kind of music. In the case of Fjoergyn this isn’t the case, their compositions are perfectly harmonious, each instrument is attributed its own individual role in its very own defined are within the compositions. Each of them gets an equal role in the production, not unlike other bands who let the guitars or drums control entire songs.

The more electronic orientated accents don’t irritate and aren’t an unnecessary surplus as is the case in many songs that use them. Quite the opposite is true, they are very nice interludes and give the album a very varied character. Fjoergyn is been described as a band that will be enjoyed by fans of the classic Black Metal bands such as Emperor, Immortal but also by those who are more into the industrial oriented style in bands like Rammstein and Pain. This may sound strange since these bands are very far off the spectrum of the extreme type of music this band plays, yet because of their technicality Fjoergyn most definitely also reminds us of bands such as the aforementioned.

Yet another side of the sound of Lvcifer es is the melodic nature of the record, it contains some guitar solos that would seem te fit better on a classical rock or metal record than on a black metal one. This eclectic array of musical influences works surprisingly well because it is composed in a very meticulous way in the sense that the whole is more than just the sum of the parts.

The vocals are also non-traditional meaning that most of them consist out of lines of spoken word rather than the typical growls and screams. This gives the whole kind of a cinematic effect that can be compared to the feeling you get listening to the most recent albums of Vulture Industries. This is even being enhanced when it is combined with very bombastic rhythm section and ominously eerie strings.

Lvcifir es is the kind of innovation the extreme metal scene needs to stay relevant and exciting. Contrary to a lot of other avant-garde and more traditional extreme metal acts Fjoergyn would even be fitting in one of the tents on a major festival.

Release date: 24/2/2017
Label: Lifeforce records
2. Leviathan
3. Vive la Inquisition
4. Lucifer es
5. Blut samen erde
6. Dinner mit Baal
7. Terra satanica
8. Freiheit


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork7/10
  • Originality10/10
8.6Avant-garde Black Metal band Fjoergyn combines metal, classical music and Industrial.