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Under Vemodets Töcken…” is the second album of the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Swartadapuz project Muvitium. The songs are crafted in a sense that feels overly nostalgic evoking the era of the nineties black metal. The classic trademarks of romantic melodies are presented with atmospheric synth and they are beautifully contrasted with the riffs. And this is what gives the album a very melancholy mood with a composition inspired by the early Norwegian style of black metal. The approach is quite atmospheric emphasized by the dreamlike synth and fuzzy guitars giving it a sense of the trance-like quality. On this second album, Swartadapuz sets off into the nebulous realm of black metal where you are likely to be dazzled by the murky sound production and the wonderful atmosphere.

As soon as the opening track “Nattiden vagga… I stillhet de afvlidnas minne…” begins, the melodies gushing out like a flowing river and the work of art draws conceptual beauty of melodic black metal. While the songs in general are played fast, there are some slow pace moments as well, creating a beautiful interplay between the synth and guitars. Production-wise the second album follows the direction of the debut, though this time Swartadapuz has replaced the screeching vocals with a cleaner tone. “Under Vemodets Töcken…” has an ancient melodic splendor and this is because the synth is heavily used, bringing the significant nature of the second wave of black metal. The mesmerizing force of the guitars and drums continually offers a glimpse into the scale of emotions. The beautiful composition allows the music to transcend to dramatic heights.

Natten giv ditt nann… Valdets styrka ta…” sets the listener in a melancholy mood the gloomy synth glances over the tremolo-picked riffs. Muvitium‘s second album is overwhelmingly embellished with an atmospheric and sentimental mood, the drums build up the momentum whereas the strumming riffs flow spectacularly in a dramatic way. The juxtaposition of synth and clean vocals would remind many of Dimmu Borgir’s album “For All Tid”, though even such similarities do little justice to Swartadapuz‘s musical mastery. “Under Vemodets Töcken…” erupt into life with the synth weaving patterns of atmospheric emotional climaxes. The masterful skills of the lo-fi qualities capture the signature style of the composer though the emphasis on the gloominess of the atmosphere truly separates Muvitium from Bekëth Nexëhmü

Every aspect of this album conjoins the dark and melodic aspects of black metal. It goes without saying that Muvitium has a unique flair for atmospherics. The synth lines on “De jag minns… Tidlös i klockverkets slag…” lend an enthralling piece of atmospheric black metal with the shimmering rhythm creating an enchanting feel. The sonic spectacle centers on slow mid-tempo paces. The fuzzy vibe of the guitars is just perfect and the clean vocals add an epic feeling to this entrancing cut. Swartadapuz might have carved his own niche in the realm of atmospheric black metal. “Under Vemodets Töcken…” is full of breathtaking moments it provides a solace listening experience. The final track “Rista afv hat… Eder hjärtans fördärv…” begins with a blistering drum pace, being the longest cut on the album, this majestic and epic song offers fifteen minutes of songwriting brilliance. Summing up the most intensive work the guitars cast out coldness like a crumbling avalanche of ice, fall the rattling drums juxtapositioning the melodic guitar chords.

The tremolo picked-riffs are often used to bring the full effect to this atmospheric song, the shimmering synth is utterly evocative and lends a perfect contrast to the clean vocal passages. Charming synth dances with the fuzzy guitar riffs as the music takes many forms and transcends to the accenting rhythm, bringing the early grim facets of black metal to one’s memory. The clean vocals don’t only add a unique feeling to the music, but also provide a dark sensation, the music brings the perfect harmony with its ethereal synth surroundings. “Under Vemodets Töcken…” spans under fifty minutes of blissful somberness resulting in some enchanting moments. This is highly recommended for fans of early Dimmu BorgirGrifteskymfning and Digerdöden.

Release Date: December 12th, 2021
Label: Purity Through Fire

  1. Nattiden vagga… I stillhet de afvlidnas minne…
  2. Natten giv ditt nann… Valdets styrka ta…
  3. De jag minns… Tidlös i klockverkets slag…
  4. Rista afv hat… Eder hjärtans fördärv…


  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality9/10
9Swartadapuz might have carved his own niche in the realm of atmospheric black metal. “Under Vemodets Töcken…” is full of breathtaking moments it provides a solace listening experience.
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