Gillian is not only a reporter and photographer from GRIMM, she also offers her services to bands and organisations. Check out her Facebook page "Gillian - Passion 4 pics" where you can contact her for more info !

Midgardsblot 2017

An extensive collection of pictures of a unique event at a historical site with highly interesting and often almost magical bands!

Dark Tranquillity (Biebob)

A night of melodic death metal through our lens!

Colour Haze/ My Sleeping Karma (Het Depot)

The pleasant visual experience that was a night of stoner...

Devin Townsend (Trix)

Experience the visuals of a mind-bending night!

Oathbreaker (Ancienne Belgique)

Oathbreaker played post black-metal with a twist to it and they didn't dissapoint.

Bullet For My Valentine + Killswitch Engage (Ancienne Belgique)

Pictures of 2 metalcore giants!


A talk with Steven Wussow of Xandria about touring, covers and festivals...

Summerrock 2016

Op 4 juni vond er in het Oost-Vlaamse Oosterzele opnieuw Summerrock plaats. Een ambitieus festival die vorig jaar mooie namen kon presenteren waaronder Ostrogoth, Tygers...

Summerrock 2016

Summerrock2016, with pictures from Ancient Rites, Nervosa, Monument, T.A.N.K, Crossing Edge, Woslom, Komah, Rik Priems Prime and¬†Drakkar. Don’t forget to check...

MetalDays announces “Winter Days of Metal 2017”

MetalDays proudly announces the birth of their new winter festival.