Lokerse Feesten 2018 – Punk Rock Day

Read the report of the big party we had at the "Punk Day" of Lokerse Feesten!

White Wizzard – Infernal Overdrive

Have a nice seat and listen to the story White Wizzard brings with their album 'Infernal Overdrive'.

A Tribute To Wizz 2018

The first official tribute to Wizz Wizzard at the same venue as Wizzfest. Find out here how that turned out.

Basement Critters – Hurt Me With The Truth EP

The Belgian trash metal band Basement Critters bring their first EP. Find out here how that turned out.

Nightwish – Decades

Nightwish brings out a compilation album of the past 20 years, yet it's not just another compilation. Find out here why.

Rhapsody 20th Anniversary Farewell Tour (Trix)

Rhapsody said goodbye to their Belgian fans at Trix in Antwerp. Find out here how they made this evening unforgettable.

Poem – Unique

Do you want to escape all the pressure and stress? Just sit down and listen to Poem's new album 'Unique' about which you will learn more here.

Verikalpa – Taistelutahto

Are you guys ready for a real folk metal party? Check out on the Finnish band Verikalpa bringing their debut album.

Thaurorod – Coast Of Gold

Thaurorod wants you to join them on their journey to the Coast Of Gold. Are you ready to sail with them?

Therion – Beloved Antichrist

For those who think opera is boring, Therion will prove them wrong with their new album.