Lordi – Sextourcism European Tour 2018 (De Kreun Kortrijk)

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I was very excited about Lordi‘s new album ‘Sexorcism’, of which you can read our review here, so I really wanted to go to their concert in Kortrijk. Sadly it seemed I wasn’t able to get there on time for the support because I was stuck in a traffic jam due to an accident…

I thought that I missed the first support act Egokills (***1/2), but apparently I was on time for the last three songs. Janne Selo (vocals) looked like Bob Marley, but without dreadlocks.He combines clean vocal skills, which sounded a bit metallic, with grunts. Their music has a very special sound, it’s like their music has Eastern influences. What I enjoyed the most was Niko Viita-aho‘s beautiful guitar sound.

Second support for the evening was Silver Dust (****1/2). These guys came to tell a story, which started with the presentation of the different characters in a mirror on stage. At least we all thought it was a mirror, but it turned out to be a television screen. Silver Dust told the story in a theatrical way with their costumes and their music. In the mirror we could follow the accompanying video clips. It’s no surprise that this band is the support band for Lordi because they have a lot in common. The band members of both bands are dressing up, although the guys from Silver Dust are recognizable. Also each band member has an artist name. Lord Campbell (vocals, guitar) combines clean vocals with grunts in a very theatrical way. His vocals combined with the instruments creates the amazing atmosphere this band brings on stage. They also brought a cover from Kim Carnes‘Bette Davis Eyes’, according to the mirror featuring Mr. Lordi himself. It’s rather a special cover, but I was very sorry that Mr. Lordi did not sing his part live on stage.

Finally it was time for headliner Lordi (****). Everyone was excited when this band entered the stage and of course Mr. Lordi himself entered in style out of his hole in the centre of the stage. Lordi definitely knows how to put on a show and please the crowd. There was a lot of interaction and everyone was singing along, clapping, dancing, headbanging, … Mr. Lordi put lots of humor in the show as well, sometimes there was a little instrumental solo so he could change himself in for example a butcher. There was also a special guest on stage, I suppose it was one of Lordi‘s slashion model girls. It was overwhelming what we all saw on stage, but I loved the show from the beginning ’till the end. How else could it be that Lordi would end their show with ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’.

Intro: God Of Thunder (KISS)
Would You Love A Monsterman?
Missing Miss Charlene
Your Tongue’s Got The Cat
Heaven Sent Hell On Earth
Blood Red Sandman
It Snows In Hell
She’s A Demon
Naked In My Cellar
Hug You Hardcore
The Riff
Who’s Your Daddy

Devil Is A Loser
Hard Rock Hallelujah

It was with no doubt an amazing evening and because it’s too funny not to share, here’s the cover I was talking about before.

Photos by Andy Maelstaf.