Straight outta ghent, born in 1992. I used to be vocalist with hell mentor (black n roll), striking death (crossover/thrash) and matrak attakk (crust/grind), and i'm currently vocalist with verpest (stenchcore/hardcore) and kak (noisepunk). I also do 'drums' with vettige kanarie (shitnoise), if you search for us on youtube, you will understand what shitnoise means. Raging Death metalhead since 2004!!

Moshrat’s albums of the year 2018

A list consisting of the best honest, true and ball kicking releases of 2018!

Diss Guy – Self

Twelve short, sharp and fast rhapsodies that are bound to FUCK YOU UP! Diss Guy dont step on toes, they step on necks!

Raw Peace – Total Death

Raw Peace's new full length fires 100 bullets before the first one hits target... you thought you heard aggression before? THINK AGAIN!

Lethal Injury – Melancholia

Put on your bullet belt and thrash like its 1984! Lethal Injury strike hard with their first thrashing full-length. Old school yet New school, and very heavy!

Scorched – Ecliptic Butchery

Scorched return with this brutal old school death metal masterpiece. They are ready to melt faces, be warned!

Infernal Execrator – Obsolete Ordinance

If the nun from 'the conjuring' movies would have a stereo, this one would be on 24/7... FINIT HIC DEO!