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Arsenic Unbirthday – Ravens And Writing Desks

Electronically enhanced gothic rock from Italy.

Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

One of the still living rock legends graces us with a new release!

Stam1na – Elokuutio

Finnish household name Stam1na is about to take over the (digital) world

Highrider – Armageddon Rock

The end of the world is here, brought to you by Highrider...

Killswitch Engage – Incarnate

The Godfathers of metalcore are here to claim their undisputed throne!

Reckless Love – InVader

The Finnish Kings of Merry Metal are ready for a party!

Throne of Heresy – Antioch

Swedish death metal at its finest!

Snake Tongue – Raptor’s Breath

Get ready to get your face smashed in!

Greenleaf – Rise Above The Meadow

Swedish stoner powerhouse is back to rock you off your feet!

Wasted 24/7 – Eight Equals Greater Than

Punk Rock straight from Bruges!