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Damnation Plan Releases “Maze Of Despair” Music Video

Damnation Plan releases a second single with a music video!

Ne Obliviscaris announce European tour

The Australians of Ne Obliviscaris are bringing their progressive extreme metal to the European shores!

Finnish troll/folk metal band Verikalpa released their first music video!

Another band of beer-drinking, battle-loving misfit trolls have arisen from the murky swamps of Northern Finland!

Iconic Boston hardcore band American Nightmare announce brand new self-titled album!

American Nightmare is releasing their first album in 15 years again!

Tonight Alive releases new song “Crack My Heart”

Tonight Alive shows you what they can with another song of their upcoming new album!

Finnish raw street rockers Mind Of Doll released a new EP!

Waving the flag of true street rock high! Welcome to the show!

Of Mice & Men announce more European shows in Belgium and Netherlands!

Of Mice & Men are coming back to Europe next Spring! This time as headliners...

Comaniac to infiltrate Europe with Dr. Living Dead!

There's a thrashing coming your way! Beware!

VENOM releases “100 Miles To Hell” EP in recognition of Satanic holy night

Venom is supplying you the best soundtrack to celebrate the Satanic holy night!

Hooded Menace will perform “Fulfill the Curse” at Roadburn 2018

The dead shall ride and the living shall rejoice! It looks to be an interesting year for doom fans in 2018...