Russian Circles + Cloakroom (Botanique)

So tender on their albums, but killing it on stage

Oracle – Beyond Omega

A diabolical debut any fan of extreme metal should hear.

Aversions Crown – Xenocide

A sinister invasion of brutal atmospheric melodies

Ex Deo – The Immortal Wars

Back from the past, stronger than ever

Drescher – Steinfeld

Get ready for a brutal avalanche of humppa!

Pyogenesis – A Kingdom To Disappear

A brilliant stew of everything that makes metal awesome

7 Weeks – A Farewell To Dawn

Love a bright and shiny dawn? Too bad, son!

Dissolving Skin – Out Of The Trench

Een rollercoaster door kilo's slijk en stront

Explosions In The Sky + The Germans (Ancienne Belgique)

Van sinistere extase naar esoterische catharsis

Eternal Breath – The Joker

Thrash + Power = Winwin!