Rebellion Festival, Blackpool, August 4th – 7th 2022, Day 2

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Up bright and early and it’s into day 2 of rebellion Festival in Blackpool. It’s a nice day, so it’s off to find something to eat before starting  off at Club Casbah again with Migrana Social from Mexico.

Couldn’t understand a word of what they were singing about, but as usual with South American bands, they were enthusiastic, loud, genuine and full on hardcore punk. Unfortunately, their bassist did not have the air fare to get here so they played without her. Just guitar, drums and vocals – fair play to them for their attitude and I hope all of them can come back and play in the future. 

I stayed to watch the next band Tiger Sex because I was intrigued by their name. I am still trying to process what I saw as I am unable to decide whether it was genius or demented. 

Singer Kelly, arrives on stage sporting knee pads so you know that it will get a bit lively, quite how lively it gets you would not believe. This American 3 piece (again no bassist, this time I guess by choice) produced a set of ferocious intense garage rock topped off by Kelly’s antics on stage. As expected, she flung herself about all over. Curiously attired with one doc marten and one converse, the reason was revealed when she removed her converse, filled it with beer and went into the audience to pour it down the throats of willing participants (and there were plenty of them!). 

She has some rather interesting interaction with an overenthusiastic crowd member who she later invites up on stage to dance. An absolutely blistering version of the Stooges classic  ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ sees her clambering up the scaffolding at the side of the stage and swinging on it before coming safely back down and finishing off with single ‘Fuck You’. 

Reeling from the intensity of what I had just witnessed, how do you follow that? 

Well,  you go to the ballroom to see Booze & Glory 

They were just sublime from beginning to end and I did not want them stop. ‘London Skinhead Crew’ got the crowd onside and jumping immediately and it wasn’t long before the crowd surfing started. The band sounded brilliant as top tune followed top tune – ‘Leave The Kids Alone’, ‘Days Months & Years’, an immense ‘Blood From A Stone’ before signing off with ‘Only Fools Get Caught’ which ends in a huge crowd singalong. 

Staying in the Ballroom for the Professionals was a bit of a disappointment. The band were not bad it was just that the sound was so weak compared to Booze & Glory. The crowd didn’t help matters by ignoring newer material and really only coming to life for older stuff or Pistols songs. A real shame as I was l looking forward to seeing them. 

Another trip to Club Casbah to watch T.V. Smith & The Bored Teenagers have an enjoyable romp through the mighty Adverts back catalogue. Highlights inevitably being ‘Great British Mistake’, ‘No Time To Be 21’, ‘Bored Teenagers’, ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’ and ‘One Chord Wonders’. Once again at this stage the vocals were a bit lost in the mix. 

I had fancied a trip to the outside stage to see the Undertones, but hunger intervened so I gave them a miss and later returned to Club Casbah to catch the end of Moscow Death Brigade (electro punk rap by guys in balaclavas, looked like a kind of IRA karaoke, but what I heard sounded really good), before watching Steve Ignorant performing a set of Crass songs. 

Steve Ignorant was a real treat and the set of Crass songs was well received by a highly appreciative audience. Ignorant and his band were on fire and some of the songs more relevant than ever but again the vocal level was a problem. All in all though a really great end to day 2.

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