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  • Title : Comeback
  • Director : Petri Kotwica
  • Cast : Mikko Leppilampi, Ville Myllyrinne, Paula Vesala, Anni Iikkanen.
  • Genre : Drama
  • Publication Date : October 6, 2023
  • Runtime : 98
  • Production company : Helsinki-filmi

Comeback is a heartfelt movie about a fictional metal band ”No Love Lost ” which reigned supreme in the Finnish music scene, but after retirement has sent the members into different pathways in their lives. Trying to rekindle the flame for making music and making a ”comeback” to the big stage, rugged, quick-witted, and quite a boozer Tony played by Mikko Leppilampi, finds his old bandmates Katarina played by Paula Vesala. The daughter, Ellie played by Anni Iikkanen who comes to Tony telling the news that Katarina is in bad shape and might have some lost tapes of their old music, in which they could make a comeback as a band with these new songs. This adventure of finding these lost tapes, to forming a connection with their old bandmates’ daughter Ellie doesn’t come without a lot of mishaps, accidents, sex, drama, and lots of alcohol. It’s a kind of bare-bones representation of what a generic washed up rock star can be like after a lot of success, money, and bitterness. Leaning on common tropes on what you would expect like the way Tony talks and acts, but still making it funny and relatable, in a sense. Even though this flick is definitely a drama with very sad twists, it always finds a way to lighten the mood with hilarious remarks and gags that at least sent the full premiere audience into loud laughter more than a handful of times.

The plot aside, the acting in this movie is phenomenal. Even though Tony might be a little cheesy and cringeworthy as a character, the lines delivered by Mikko Leppilampi are absolutely phenomenal, and you almost wouldn’t realize that it’s actually Leppilampi portraying the character. Definitely one of the best performances of his career, from what I’ve seen. Then there’s Pete portrayed by Ville Myllyrinne. Pete is the drummer of No Love Lost, now resigning as a teacher, which clearly consumes his soul every day. Pete might be kind of a one dimensional character, but again the great acting makes him relatable as the more down to earth, quieter, overall nicer guy with a little rock star attitude behind him. Bassist Katarina is portrayed by quite a known star herself in the Finnish music scene Paula Vesala, known mostly for her historic run in the Finnish pop group PMMP and her solo career. It was very cool to see her on the big screen as a fan of PMMP and her story as Katarina was heartbreaking as it was hopeful. And then last but not least, Ellie portrayed by the fantastic Anni Iikkanen, a young breakout star in Finland making her debut in the big screen. Her character work and acting might’ve been one of the best parts of the movie, it felt like during the whole flick you were completely rooting for her, and it was done, writing aside, by her fantastic delivery and expressions. I have a high hunch that she will be a household name in the movie industry for years to come.


Review Scores

  • Story / Content 8/10
  • Cinematography / Directing 7/10
  • Entertainment / Merit 8.5/10
  • Soundtrack / Film Score 8/10
  • Originality 4/10

Comeback is an entertaining drama with enough comedy to lighten the mood about family ties and how music can bring any family back together again, blood related or not. If you are into metal or not, this movie can be enjoyed by anyone.

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