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Since their newest release, Black Heaven, features a lot more vocals than we’re used to from Earthless, we had some burning questions for guitarist, and now also vocalist, Isaiah Mitchell. The interview turned out to be short but sweet, read it down below, and make sure to check out their latest album!

Hi guys! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. How are you doing?
We’re great how are you?

We’re great as well! You’ve released your new record Black Heaven some time ago. How has the response been?
Response seems pretty good! 

Where did you get the inspiration for the vocal style from? If I’m right, I seemed to hear a little Ozzy and/or Zakk Wylde influences here and there, and in the track ‘End to End’ even a bit of Lenny Kravitz! 
I’m a big fan of Steve Winwood’ and Jack Bruce’ vocal style. But let me say this: Lenny Is God!

Now that you’ve experimented with vocals, do you prefer it over playing instrumentals?
I like both instrumentals as well as songs with vocals. Different moods and you get your points across in totally different ways. 

If you could get someone to do guest vocals on one of your songs, who would you want for that, dead or alive?
Charley Patton.

A more general question, which artist and/or record brought you three together?
I’d say Led Zeppelin, Blue Cheer or ZZ Top brought us together. 

What can we expect in the future? Will you keep the vocal aspect in your music?
I’m sure there will be more songs with vocals as well as longer instrumentals. We’ll see what comes out. 

Any further plans you can share already with us? Do you want to add something for your fans or our readers?
No major plans outside of touring this year. To our fans reading this: thanks for being there with us! Lots of love to you all. 

Thank you so much for your time, hope to catch you on tour soon!

Pictures by Loreen Valier.