Ali’s Top 10 Albums of 2021

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2021 was a year of hatred, sickness and in the end hope. With all the negativity music still found a way to make it into our lives and get us through some of the craziest times. I’d like to point out some of the best albums put out in 2021 (in my opinion). There was SO much good music released and this list is by no means perfect, just the albums I personally listened to the most! I think 2021 was one of the best years in music. Read on and tell me what you think!

10. Badflower – “This Is How The World Ends”

Badflower always knows how to put their character into their music and make it an easy listen while topping it off with the emotional aspects that make it an all-around experience to be able to listen.

9. A Day to Remember – “You’re Welcome”

When I think of this album the first thing that happens is my mind starts singing the song “Resentment”. That song was played so much over the radio waves I think it’s permanently imprinted in my brain. Nothing bad at all, I love the song! I am a fan of the direction ADTR went with this album. They kept with heavy with doses of lighter melodic moments throughout.

8. The Pretty Reckless – “Death By Rock And Roll”

This album was probably one I was the most excited for considering it’s been a couple of years since they released music. I think overall this album was great! They keep a good beat and stay within the lines of their typical sounds while producing the darker vibes that they’re known for.

7. Architects – “For Those That Wish To Exist”

Architects blew my expectations out of the water with this album. Yes, Animals was a huge song from this album, but my favorite is Demi God. The grain in Sam Carters voice is amazing adds such an element to the listening experience.

6. Chevelle – “Niratias”

I’m a new-ish listener when it comes to Chevelle but after seeing them live in September, I found myself wanting to dive deeper into their music. I found myself not being able to turn this album off! There’s an underlying theme to the music but after listening to their discography I feel that this stands apart from their other albums. Vocals, instrumental and production were on point!

5. Spiritbox – “Eternal Blue”

Ah, yes. Spiritbox. Courtney LaPlante is such a talented vocalist. Along with her vocal talents you’ve got her fellow band members who just know how to make everything blend so effortlessly. These guys are defying the rules of the music industry and are making their mark! I have no doubt they’ll be around for a long while.

4. Pop Evil“Versatile”

Pop Evil came in hot with this album! This album is one I could sit and listen to beginning to end without skipping any song. They put their time and effort to make sure this album was as good as it could be before releasing it to the public and it shows.

3. Jinjer – “Wallflowers”

This was my first experience listening to Jinjer and I want to know why people let me sleep on them for so long! The band is super talented and lyrically it’s easy to relate to. Honestly at first, I didn’t think the melodic vocals and screaming were the same person! It wasn’t until I watched multiple music videos that I realized it’s all Tatiana Shmayluk. Instrumentally this album is so damn smooth, and production value is top tier!

2. Beartooth“Below”

This one is hard not to put at number 1. All together this album is so well done and an absolute banger! It is only by a very small margin that I put this release at #2 for 2021. I feel that this album had minimal room for improvement, and there’s not much else I can say! Let’s call this slot #1 part 2 instead of #2. Yeah? That’s better.

1. Ice Nine Kills – “Welcome To Horrorwood”

Now if you know me, you know I’m a horror fiend and Ice Nine Kills leaves me horror loving heart overflowing every time. This album from the introduction to the very last note has the best production value. I’m including their music videos in this, too. They put so much time and energy into their work! From the gnarly guitar (flight of the bumblebee, hello!), heavy bass, and skilled drumming to the screaming (even in German!). Oh, and let’s not forget the numerous cameos! Everything they do is top tier and that’s why I truly believe this is the NUMBER 1 album of 2021. I don’t know how they’re going to top this album but I’m excited to see just what they come up with!

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