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Musmahhu – Reign Of The Odious

Swartadau├żuz has ultimately achieved his purpose, there is no doubt about how good the songwriting on Musmahhu's debut was made.

MALAKHIM set release date for new IRON BONEHEAD mini-album, reveal first track

Malakhim is set to destroy you coming March via their upcoming release on Iron Bonehead Productions!

Tezcatlipoca set release date for new album and reveal a first new track

The Mexican natives of Tezcatlipoca are unleashing the powers of their ancestors onto you yet again in the nearby future!

Mutilate set release date for Tormentium

Mutilate have set the release date for 'Tormentium', check it out here!

Iron Bonehead Productions set international release date for compilation of one of their strongest newcomers

Iron Bonehead Productions has set a release date for the compilation of their strongest newcomers, check it out here!

Witchrist – Vritra

Een voorlaatste keer genieten van Witchrist.