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Another band update for Brutal Assault 2019 with Sodom, Sick Of It All, Eyehategod and others!

Brutal Assault is back at it with more new bands for the 2019 line-up!

Sodom and Demolition Hammer at Alcatraz 2019!

Double announcement for Alcatraz 2019!

Not one, but 2 legendary Thrash Metal bands added to the lineup of Alcatraz 2019! Teutonic Thrash band Sodom, and Thrash from New York: Demolition Hammer!

Thrash metal legends Sodom will release new EP in November!

Sodom got recently reformed, but they're about to show you that they're still able to kick your sorry little ass with a soon to be released EP!

Destr̦yer 666 РCall of the Wild

It's all about quality of aggressiveness and memorable riffs, fast solos lie tornados and fierce drumming which makes them sound evil.

Paradise Lost (Alcatraz 2017)

We talked with Aaron and Walt about their upcoming album "Medusa" and their music while having a ton of laughs...

Durbuy Rock 2017

Photo report Durbuy Rock 2017

Heaven Shall Burn – Wanderer

Wandering in nostalgia

Nervosa – Agony

Old school thrash with touches of death from Brazil...